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1888 Adressebog for Trondhjem

Hilmar Moe, Adressebog for Trondhjem, © 1888, H. Moe's Bog- & Papirhandel, Trondhjem, Norge, Hardcover, 150 Pages.

  • Ch.1-A: Index of Public Offices and Banks with Address and Name of Manager. 
  • Ch.1-B: Index of Public Houses (Baths, Fire Station, churches, etc.) with Address. 
  • Ch.1-C: Index of Associations and Foundations with a short history and name of board members. 
  • Ch.1-D: Index of Schools with Address, names of teachers and administration personnel.
  • Ch.1-E: Listing of Cabs (Taxi's) with names of drivers. 
  • Ch.2: Alphabetical index of Trondhjem's inhabitants with occupation and address. 
  • Ch.3: Index of Roads and Houses with names of people living there. 
  • Ch.4: Index of names by Occupation or Trade. 
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