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Books on Immigration Available from the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives . Many Rare and Hard-To-Find Titles including Minnesota's Fifty-Second Anniversary, Eleventh Edition (Guide to Minnesota for Immigrants); and Nordmædene I Amerika (Norsemen in America).

Cover Title Author Year
Alliens or Americans ? Alliens or Americans ? Howard B. Grose 1906
This is an unusual anti-immigration book packaged as a missionary course.  Published by the Young People's Missionary Movement, New York, 1906 , authored by Howard B. Grose. It is both a history of immigration in New York and a derogatory propaganda towards those coming from other countries, particularly eastern European countries.  The book has rare photos of immigrants, scenes of New York related to this and a couple of maps, one 9 3/4 by 10 3/4 which shows the amounts of immigrants from which countries.
America Fever: The Story of American Immigration America Fever: The Story of American Immigration Barbara Kaye Greenleaf 1970
This objective, knowledgeable and superbly readable book traces the different waves of immigrations. It is the story of why and how each came to this country, the hardships and prejudices they had to overcome after their arrival, and their major contributions to the rich diversity and enormous vitality of our country and our culture.
  American Immigration Maldwyn Allen Jones 1960
Coming to America: A History of Immigration and Ethnicity in American Life Coming to America: A History of Immigration and Ethnicity in American Life Roger Daniels 1990
Immigration, writes Maldwyn Allen Jones, was America's historic raison d'etre. Reminding us that the history of immigration to the United States is also the history of emigration from somewhere else, Mr. Jones considers the forces that uprooted emigrants from their homes in different parts of the world and analyzes the social, economic, and psychological adjustments that American life demanded of them--adjustments essentially the same for the Jamestown settlers and for Vietnamese refugees.
  Destination America Maldwyn Allen Jones 1976
Maldwyn Allen Jones, historian of American History authored textbooks and history related books written for the masses rather than the classroom. Destination America serves well as a mass market book or as a supplemental book on immigration for the classroom.
Ellis Island Ellis Island Carol M. Highsmith and Ted Landphair 2000
A brand new, original book with stunning images by Carol Highsmith, photographer of the Photographic Tour and Pictorial Souvenir series, as well as fascinating black and white archival photographs, about the remarkable place that marked the first step to a new life for the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who came to America.
Ellis Island: Gateway to the American Dream Ellis Island: Gateway to the American Dream Pamela Reeves 2002
Celebrates the grand reopening of one of America's greatest historical monuments by exploring the history of Ellis Island, from the days of its earliest immigrants to its recent restoration.
Gateway to Liberty: The Story of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Gateway to Liberty: The Story of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Mary J. Shapiro 1986
Illustrated with over 200 photographs, many never before published, Gateway to Liberty details the history of two great American landmarks-the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. From the account of the massive task of raising funds for and constructing Liberty to the personal, sometimes heartbreaking, stories of the immigrants who entered the United States through Ellis Island, it is a stirring and informative look at one of the most important periods in American history-a wonderful book with which to commemorate the centenary of the Statue of Liberty and the rededication of Ellis Island and to enjoy for many years to come.
  How To Become An American Citizen J. Munsell Chase 1915
Contains Naturalization Laws of the US, Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation and Questions and Answers usually asked by the Judge. Pacific Coast Edition Published by The Holmes Book Company, Los Angeles.
Immigrant Forces: Factors in the New Democracy Immigrant Forces: Factors in the New Democracy William P. Shriver 1913
I wish to acknowledge the inspiration and help I have received in the preparation of this book from my colleagues, the Rev. Kenneth D. Miller, the Rev. Joel B. Hayden and the Rev. Spencer L. Towle, Immigration Fellows in resident study abroad, and from the Rev. Paul Fox and the Rev. Norman M. Thomas. All are young men who are devoting their lives to a ministry among our recent immigrant and industrial communities, a type of minister to whom the Church must increasingly look for guidance as it aims to make its service efficient under these newer and critical conditions.
Immigrant Kids Immigrant Kids Russell Freedman 1980
These immigrant kids worked at all sorts of jobs. They sold newspapers, delivered goods, hauled firewood, and labored in sweatshops. Yet, they were still children. As often as they could, they took to their playground, the city streets. There they tagged after vendors, played baseball, fought rival gangs, and gained a taste for the wonderful freedom that their parents had come to America to find.
  Iowa: The Home For Immigrants The State Historical Society of Iowa 1970
Studies in Iowa History - a Treatise on the Resources of Iowa and Giving Useful Information with Regard to the State, for the Benefit of Immigrants and Others.
Minnesota's Fifty-Second Anniversary, Eleventh Edition (Guide to Minnesota for Immigrants) Minnesota's Fifty-Second Anniversary, Eleventh Edition (Guide to Minnesota for Immigrants) Minnesota State Board of Immigration 1911
In handing this book to the public we deem it proper to say a few words relative to its contents. All information regarding the state, as well as the statistics of each county, are absolutely authentic, and there has been no attempt made to say anything about any county in the state that close investigation will not substantiate. The crop statistics shown by counties are based upon averages taken by the United States Census Enumerators, for the crop season of 1909, and may in some cases do an injustice to certain sections on account of climatic conditions prevailing in that particular year.
  A Nation of Immigrants John F. Kennedy 1964
A lifelong concern of President Kennedy's was immigration reform....This landmark essay, written while he was President, discusses the ideas ultimately put into practice with the Immigration Bill of 1965, for which President Johnson gave him full credit.
  Nordmædene I Amerika (Norsemen in America) Martin Ulvestad 1913
This history, arranged by state and county, was compiled from 450,000 questionnaires sent by the author to Norwegian Americans. Detailed information on settlers is presented in order of their arrival, with names of spouses and children, times of migration, and many anecdotes. Other lists include Norwegians who served in the American military, Norwegian-American newspapers, schools and clergy.
On the Trail of the Immigrant On the Trail of the Immigrant Edward A. Steiner 1906
After 1890, most newcomers were from southern and eastern Europe, especially Austria-Hungary, Italy, and Russia. By 1900, New York City had more Italians than any city in Italy except Rome, more Poles than any city in Poland except Warsaw, as many Irish as Dublin, and more Jews than any other city in the world.
  Strangers at the Door Ann Novotny 1971
Haunting, moving, sometimes terrfying ... The full story --- in words and pictures -- of the courageous millions who migrated to America.
The Immigrant Tide: Its Ebb and Flow The Immigrant Tide: Its Ebb and Flow Edward A. Steiner 1909
In the first part of my book, I have tried to show the influences of the returned immigrant upon his peasant home and his social and national life. In the second part, I interpret the relation of various races to our institutions, their attitude towards them and their influence upon them.
They Who Knock At Our Gates: A Complete Gospel of Immigration They Who Knock At Our Gates: A Complete Gospel of Immigration Mary Antin 1914
The difficulty with the first question is to get its existence recognized. In a matter that has such obvious material aspects as the immigration problem the abstract principles involved are likely to be overlooked. But as there can be no sound conclusions without a foundation in underlying principles, this dis-cussion must begin by seeking an answer to the ethical question involved.


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