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Army Digest

Army Digest Magazine - December 1963

Contents of this issue include Univormed Services Pay Act of 1962; The Many Worlds of the Army Nurse (A Pictorial); Army Cost Reduction Program; Army Divisions Go ROAD; Index to 1963 Issues; More.

1945-04-06 Yank : The Army Weekly

YANK : The Army Weekly Magazine - 6 April 1945

Nearing the end of World War II, The 6 April 1945 Issue of YANK features a story on the Ninth Army's Breaktrough to the Rhine.

Front Cover, YANK: The Army Weekly Magazine - 27 April 1945

YANK: The Army Weekly Magazine - 27 April 1945

GI Tourists have just come from the front, they're on pass in Paris, and they're going to see what's to be seen. If you want to tour with them, turn to Pfc. Pat Coffey's pictures to view Paris just after the American's drove the German's back to Germany.

YANK: The Army Weekly Magazine - 15 June 1945

Featured story is The Pacific War as it Looks to an ETO Veteran. Other articles include Berlin Death Battle, Big Ben - The USS Franklin, an Essex-Class Aircraft Carrier, The Old Beachhead, Virginia Kavanagh, Yank Pin-Up Girl, and The FIght Game's Future.


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1945-04-27 YANK: The Army Weekly Magazine


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