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Year / LC ISBN-ISSN Title Author Year
The Decorative Arts of Sweden The Decorative Arts of Sweden Iona Plath 1966
Iona Plath , The Decorative Arts of Sweden, © 1948, 1966 Dover Publications, Inc., Newy York, Soft Cover, 218 Pages, 486-21478-8. Contents: 1. Sweden: Past and Present 2. Textiles 3. Ceramics 4. Metal 5. Glass 6. Wood 7. Wall Paintings
Drömresan genom Sverige Drömresan genom Sverige Andström, Bobby 1993
Andström, Bobby, Drömresan genom Sverige, © 1993, Wahlström & Wadstrand, Sverige, hard cover, 120 Pages, 91-46-16326-3. Photographs of the country and people of Sweden. Text in Swedish, English, German, and French.
Made In Sweden: Art Handicrafts Design Made In Sweden: Art Handicrafts Design Anja Notini 1987
Anja Notini, Made In Sweden: Art Handicrafts Design, © 1987 Meckler Books, Westport, Connecticut, hard cover, 184 Pages, 91-7024-401-4. In this book we encounter 50 creative individuals, 26 women and 24 men, in a vigorous and highly colored true story of Creative Sweden, written and photographed by Anja Notini.
Rockford Swedes: American Stories Rockford Swedes: American Stories Niel M. Johnson and Lilly Setterdahl 1993
Niel M. Johnson and Lilly Setterdahl, Rockford Swedes: American Stories, © 1993, Walsworth Publishing Company, Marceline, Missouri, soft cover, 372 Pages, LOC 93-070085. The history of the Swedes in Rockford, Illinois and 15 interviews of Swedish Immigrants in Rockford.
The Saab-Scania Story The Saab-Scania Story Saab-Scania AB 1988
Saab-Scania AB, The Saab-Scania Story, © 1988 Streiffert & Co. Bokförlag, Stockholm, Sverige, hard cover, 169 Pages, 91-7886-041-5. The 50-year history of Saab and Scania companies and its many products and activities was produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of Saab, Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget.
Sommardagar i Borås: och de sju häraderna Sommardagar i Borås: och de sju häraderna Eriksson, John; Anderholm, C. G. and Falkås, Gunnar 1969
Eriksson, John; Anderholm, C. G. and Falkås, Gunnar, Sommardagar i Borås: och de sju häraderna, © 1969, Centraltryckeriet AB, Borås, Sverige, hard cover, 64 Pages. Photographs and text about the town and people of Borås, Sweden and the district of "Sjuhäradsbygden." Text in Swedish, English and German.
Sweden Sweden Chad Ehlers (Photographs) and Lars Nordström 1989
Chad Ehlers (Photographs) and Lars Nordström, Sweden, © 1989, Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company, Portland, Oregon, hard cover, 160 Pages., 1-55868-023-3. This oversized coffee table book offers splendid photography by Chad Ehlers and 10,000 words of insightful, informative text by Lars Nordstrom. Great insight into not only Sweden's countryside, but also the folk life of her people. Hardcover - 159 pages (September 1990) Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co.; ISBN: 1558680233; Dimensions (in inches): 1.43 x 13.98 x 10.75
Swedes as Others See Them: Facts, Myths or a Communication Complex? Swedes as Others See Them: Facts, Myths or a Communication Complex? Jean Phillips-Martinsson 1981
Jean Phillips-Martinsson, Swedes as Others See Them: Facts, Myths or a Communication Complex?, © 1981 Affärs-Förlaget, Stockholm, soft cover, 123 Pages, 91-7630-026-9. Discusses how Swedish businessmen fare in the world through a cross-cultural perspective, how he is judged by is trading partners and subsidiaries and how he judges them in addition to the effects of these judgments.
The Swedes in America The Swedes in America Percie V. Hillbrand 1993
Percie V. Hillbrand, The Swedes in America, © 1993, Lerner Publications Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota, soft cover, 83 Pages, 0-8225-1023-5, 301.45. Reviews the role of Swedes in the early history and colonization of the U. S., gives a picture of the land from which they came, and lists their contributions to American life in the fields of business, politics, the arts, and science.
Swedes in America: Intercultural and interethnic Perspectives on Contemporary Research Swedes in America: Intercultural and interethnic Perspectives on Contemporary Research Ulf Beijbom, Ed. 1993
Ulf Beijbom, Ed., Swedes in American: Intercultural and interethnic Perspectives on Contemporary Research - A Report of the Symposium Swedes in America: New Perspectives, © 1993, Davidsons Tryckeri AB, Växjö, Sverige, hard cover, 224 Pages, ISSN 0349-6619. The Swedish Emigrant Institute Series, 6. Papers and lectures on the latest in Swedish-oriented emigration research. Some of north America's and Europe's foremost specialists in inter-continental migration and ethnicity are giving insights in research.
The Swedish Americans The Swedish Americans Allyson McGill 1988
Allyson McGill, The Swedish Americans, © 1988 Chelsea House Publishers, New York, hard cover, 110 Pages, 1-55546-135-2, 973'.04397-dc19. Discusses the history, culture, and religion of the Swedes, factors encouraging their emigration, and their acceptance as an ethnic group in North America.
Swedish History in Outline Swedish History in Outline Jörgen Weibull 1993
Jörgen Weibull, Swedish History in Outline, © 1993 The Swedish Institute, Stockholm, Sverige, hard cover, 152 Pages, 91-520-0294-2. Contents: 1. Foreword 2. Prehistory 3. The Middle Ages 4. The Vasa Dynasty and Sweden's Period as a Great Power, 1521-1718 5. The Age of Freedom and the Gustavian Autocracy, 1719-1809 6. Sweden in the Nineteenth Century 7. The Twentieth Century 8. Appendix.
USA Sweden USA Sweden K. W. & Peter Gullers, Hasse Persson, Robert Skole 1984
K. W. & Peter Gullers, Hasse Persson, Robert Skole, USA Sweden, © 1984., Gullers Pictorial AB, Hardcover, 372 Pages, 91-86440-12-8. The story of the United States and Sweden - the relations between the two countries and their people, and their influence on each other. This is a pictorial presentation, published on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Amity and Commerce between the Kingdom of Sweden and the United States of America. The book's emphasis is on technology and business.
Wooden Horses of Sweden: From Folk Art to National Symbol Wooden Horses of Sweden: From Folk Art to National Symbol Anne Marie Rådström 1992
Anne Marie Rådström, Wooden Horses of Sweden: From Folk Art to National Symbol, Translated by Skans Victoria Airey © 1992 Fälths tryckeri, Värnamo, Sverige, hard cover, 127 Pages, 91-7844-203-6. The most beloved symbol of Sweden is a small, painted, wooden horse, the Dala horse. This is the story of the handicraft and the remarkable men and women who created it -- both in Sweden and in the United States.
  Of Swedish Ways    
Lilly Lorénzen, Of Swedish Ways, Illustrated by Dick Sutphen, © 1964 Barnes & Noble Books., New York, Soft cover, 276 Pages, 0-06-092384-9. An intimate look at the land and people of Sweden along with their traditions and customs.
  Svensk Almanacka   1914
1914 Svensk Almanacka - Articles on Scandinavian-American Line - Frederick VIII, Inserts: Application for Domestic Money Order, Application to Purchase Prepaid Ticket to Bring Immigrants from Europe - Vid penningars sändande till Sverige, Norge, Danmark eller Finland begagna detta! and many advertisements from the major transatlantic steamship companies specificailly for the immigrant trade. Invadringsfakta (Immigration Facts) 1912-1913. Text in Swedish



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