The Last Word On Lefse: Heartwarming Stories - and Recipes Too!

The Last Word on Lefse

Gary Legwold, The Last Word On Lefse: Heartwarming Stories - and Recipes Too!,  © 1992, Adventure Publications, Inc., Cambridge, Minnesota, Soft Cover, 168 Pages, 0-934860-78-5.

The Last Word on Lefse is a joyous book dedicated to preserving the traditions of this Scandinavian festive food. Gary Legwold's first book includes:

Profiles of scores of the Midwest's best lefse makers, who share their recipes, yarns, and lefse-making tips. Tales of Merlin Hoiness, a lefse bootlegger, and Anna Alden, who made lefse on roller skates.

Read about Bitten Norvoll, who tells how lefse helped feed people in occupied Norway during the War. And meet The Boys of Starbuck, who made the World's Largest Lefse. Lefse songs, poems, and jokes. Did you know that lefse is an antidote to lutefisk?

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