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SS Duchess of Atholl Passenger List 24 September 1937

Front Cover - 24 September 1937 Passenger List, SS Duchess of Atholl, Canadian Pacific (CPOS)

Cabin and Tourist Class Passenger List for the SS Duchess of Atholl of the Canadian Pacific Line, Departing 24 September 1937 from Montreal to Liverpool via Glasgow and Belfast, Commanded by Captain W. B. Coyle.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain W. B. Coyle, R.D., R.N.R
  2. Chief Officer R. H. Wood
  3. Chief Engineer J Quine
  4. Purser W. I. Paddock
  5. Surgeon C M. Morton, M.B., Ch.B
  6. Chief Steward L Geddes
  7. Rail Traffic Representative F J A. O'Dowd
  8. Senior Assistant Purser. A. Thomas
  9. Chief Tourist Steward P H. Rouse

List of Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. H. M. Arbuckle
  2. Mr. A. D. Asli
  3. Mr. E. Barringham
  4. Mrs. Barringham
  5. Mrs. Jane Benjamin
  6. Mrs. William Beveridge
  7. Mrs. Ethel B. Bidwell
  8. Mr. T. J. Boyle
  9. Mr. A. E. Brown
  10. Mr. Samuel Campbell
  11. Mrs. Campbell
  12. Mr. James Chisholm
  13. Mr. George M. Clark
  14. Mr. H. A. Dalrymple-White
  15. Lady Dalrymple-White
  16. Mr. T. H. Duffield
  17. Mr. G. Edwards
  18. Mr. Arthur Field
  19. Mr. S. J. Frame
  20. Dr. W. D. Frew
  21. Mr. W. D. Frew
  22. Mr. J. G. Gilbert-Lodge
  23. Mrs. Gilbert-Lodge
  24. Miss Judith Gilbert-Lodge
  25. Miss Patricia Gilbert-Lodge
  26. Mrs. M. N. Green
  27. Mr. G. R. Heasman
  28. Mrs. Heasman
  29. Mr. R. G. Heasman
  30. Miss Rosemary L. Heasman
  31. Mr. J. B. Hewitt
  32. Mrs. Hewitt
  33. Mr. I. C. M. Hill
  34. Mrs. Hill
  35. Mr. J. Hodson
  36. Mrs. Stanley Johnson
  37. Miss Rosa Johnson
  38. Mr. Bernard Keller
  39. Mrs. R. C. McCankie
  40. Miss L. E. F. McLaughtin
  41. Mrs. R. O. McMurtry
  42. Miss Ann McMurtry
  43. Mrs. S. R. Maw
  44. Miss M. E. Maw
  45. Miss E. Ann Nind
  46. Mr. George E. Peterson
  47. Mrs. J. McK. M. W. Robinson
  48. Mr. W. H. Robinson
  49. Mr. James Henry Rogers
  50. Mrs. Rogers
  51. Mr. M. L. Sandell
  52. Miss E. Sanderson
  53. Mr. J. Smith
  54. Rev. E. J. Springett
  55. Miss C. Tooth
  56. Mrs. M. L. Townsend
  57. Mrs. Maud Tuxford
  58. Mr. H. H. Webb
  59. Mrs. Webb

List of Tourist Passengers

  1. Mr. A. E. Andrews
  2. Mrs. Andrews
  3. Mrs. B. Atherton
  4. Mrs. Jessie T. Best
  5. Mr. Walter K. Bryden
  6. Mrs. M. J. Burge
  7. Mr. W. G. Chester
  8. Mrs. John Clapp
  9. Mr. Erie Cocke
  10. Mrs. Cocke
  11. Miss Mary S. Cowan
  12. Mr. R. B. Currie
  13. Mrs. Currie
  14. Mrs. A. Dalton
  15. Mr. F. E. Davies
  16. Mr. Gordon Day
  17. Rev. A. Delap
  18. Mrs. Delap
  19. Mr. S. A. Denby
  20. Mrs. Denby
  21. Mr. J. R. Donald
  22. Miss H. Douglas
  23. Mr. Donald C. Duffie
  24. Mr. A. Edwards
  25. Mrs. Edwards
  26. Mrs. S. E. Evans
  27. Mr. Charlie Farran
  28. Mrs. Farran
  29. Mr. James Forbes
  30. Mr. C. F. Ford
  31. Mr. J. Fyvie
  32. Mrs. Fyvie
  33. Mr. Patrick Gardiner
  34. Dr. T. R. Garrott
  35. Rev. Fr. Gaston
  36. Mr. Bundy Gaunt
  37. Miss I. Gaunt
  38. Miss Mary P. Gibson
  39. Mr. William P. Gillespie
  40. Mrs. S. Good
  41. Miss Mary Gourlay
  42. Mrs. J. V. Graham
  43. Mrs. Elizabeth Guthrie
  44. Miss J. M. Hackett
  45. Miss H. Hagglund
  46. Mr. G. W. Hamill
  47. Mr. J. H. Hamill
  48. Miss R. R. Hanney
  49. Mrs. James Hardie
  50. Mrs. Richard Hardie
  51. Miss Roberta Joan Hardie
  52. Mr. Perry B. Harper
  53. Mrs. Harper
  54. Capt. R. Harrison
  55. Mr. Thomas Harrower
  56. Mrs. Janet Harrower
  57. Mrs. M. A. Harwood
  58. Mr. G. Heffernan
  59. Mr. W. Hogarth
  60. Miss H. M. Honey
  61. Mrs. Netta Jack
  62. Mrs. Betty Jackson
  63. Miss May Jane Jackson
  64. Miss G. B. Johnson
  65. Mr. A. L. Keeney
  66. Mrs. Keeney
  67. Mrs. Helen Keir
  68. Miss Mary Kenny
  69. Miss Constance Kenny
  70. Miss W. Kermath
  71. Mr. A. H. Kirkpatrick
  72. Miss Patricia Lang
  73. Mr. A. Lauchlam
  74. Mr. W. Lea
  75. Mrs. R. V. B. Leacroft
  76. Mr. A. V. Leacroft
  77. Mrs. E. A. Little
  78. Mrs. W. G. Lyttle
  79. Miss Helen Lyttle
  80. Rev. Allan MacLeod
  81. Mr. Mark McCaffery
  82. Mrs. Frank McDunna
  83. Miss Marion McMahon
  84. Mrs. L. Marks
  85. Mr. G. M. Martin
  86. Mrs. Martin
  87. Mr. W. J. Mason
  88. Mr. Herbert Middleton
  89. Mr. William Morau
  90. Mr. T. R. Murray
  91. Miss Bella Murray
  92. Mr. Gordon Pantalone
  93. Dr. H. M. Parker
  94. Mrs. Parker
  95. Rev. Fr. Paulin
  96. Mr. Fred Peirson
  97. Mrs. Peirson
  98. Miss Annie Phillip
  99. Mr. F. Raymond
  100. Mrs. E. Renfrew
  101. Mr. F. Riley
  102. Mrs. A. Rowland
  103. Mrs. I. Rutley
  104. Mr. Simon Schmidt
  105. Mr. A. J. C. Seymour
  106. Mr. T. L. Sharpe
  107. Mrs. Sharpe
  108. Mrs. Mary A. T. Sinclair
  109. Miss Margaret Sinclair
  110. Mr. J. Singer
  111. Mr. T. J. Smalley
  112. Mrs. Smalley
  113. Mr. Alex Smith
  114. Mrs. Smith
  115. Master Alfred William Smith
  116. Miss Mary Louise Smith
  117. Miss Isabel! H. Smith
  118. Miss M. Stephen
  119. Mr. Ian Stevenson
  120. Mr. J. B. Stevenson
  121. Mr. Joseph Sugden
  122. Miss J. Taylor
  123. Mr. Karl Thompson
  124. Mr. Thompson
  125. Miss A. M. Upsdell
  126. Mrs. B. L. Walker
  127. Mr. A. M. Watson
  128. Mrs. Alice Watson
  129. Miss E. M. Watson
  130. Miss S. Watts
  131. Mr. D. R. Weir
  132. Mr. H. Wells
  133. Mrs. C. R. Wight
  134. Rev. D. M. Wiswell
  135. Mr. William Woodworth
  136. Col. J. G. Wright

Passenger Information

Information Bureau is at your service

Breakfast Chimes will not be sounded when only one sitting. Passengers should inform Bedroom Steward when they wish to be called

Chimes are sounded thirty minutes before dinner

Smoking—For the general convenience of Passengers, smoking should be confined to the Smoking Room, Lounge and Card Room. It is not permitted in the Drawing Room

Valuables and Money—In their own interests Passengers are advised not to leave articles of jewelry or other valuables lying about. For the convenience of Passengers the Purser will receive articles of value or money for custody in a special envelope provided for this purpose, which will be sealed in the presence of the passenger. A receipt will be given but as no charge is made for this facility the Company accepts no liability whatsoever

Payments—Passengers should obtain a receipt from the Purser on the Company's form for any payments made on board for additional passage money, rugs, chairs, etc.

Change of Stateroom—Passengers who desire a transfer of accommodation should apply to the purser who alone is authorized to make changes. If higher graded accommodation is desired the difference in fare must be paid

Deck Chairs, Rugs and Cushions (with loose covers) may be rented on board for the voyage.

Deck Games—Deck Quoits, Shuffleboard and other deck games will be furnished by the Deck Steward or Deck Sailor

Chess, Draughts, Dominoes, obtainable from Public Room Stewards

Books of Fiction and Reference are obtainable from the Library. Books lost by Passengers must be paid for

Stenographer—An experienced stenographer is available to undertake work for Passengers. Apply to Information Bureau for rates

Surgeon—The surgeon is authorized to make customary charges for his services, subject to the approval of the Commander

Nurses—The services of trained and qualified hospital nurses, under the direction of the Surgeon, may be obtained

Divine Service is held on Sundays at 10:45 am am

Altars are carried for the religious services of Holy Mass and Holy Communion.

Life Belts are in all staterooms. Bedroom Steward will explain method of attachment.

Emergency Stations—Passengers are requested to consult plan and directions in alleyway.

Rail Traffic Representative sells tickets to London, Bristol and Birmingham, Railway time-tables available.

London Steamship Special Train, London, Midland & Scottish Railway—leaves Riverside Station—adjoining Liverpool Landing Stage—about one and a half hours after landing. Running time to Euston Station, London, about four and a half hours. Ask Baggage Master for London labels.

Stamps are on sale in the Shop and Library. English or Canadian postage stamps may be used for mail posted at sea.

Money Exchange—Purser exchanges a limited amount of Currency. Travellers' Cheques cashed and sold at the Purser's office

Baggage—All duplicate railway baggage checks should be endorsed with owner's name and European address, and handed to bedroom steward for delivery to Baggage Master.

Trunks which Passengers do not require in their staterooms during the voyage may be stored in the baggage room.

Baggage will be grouped alphabetically in Customs Shed on arrival at British Port, and Passengers must attend personally to Customs examination.

Baggage Delivery in London—Passengers to London, holding railway tickets by London, Midland & Scottish Railway, may arrange with the ship's Baggage Master for through checking of their baggage for delivery to hotel or residence in London. If storage in London is desired, the Baggage Master will furnish particulars.

Baggage Labels and Tags may be obtained upon application to the ship s Baggage Master.

Baggage Insurance—Passengers are recommended to insure their baggage as the Company's liability is strictly limited in accordance with contract ticket. Baggage insurance can be arranged at any of the Company's offices or through Rail Traffic Representative on board.

British Customs Duty—On arrival at British ports Passengers, including those in transit, are obliged to declare to the Customs Officials all dutiable articles however small the quantity. The following is alist of the principal articles which must be declared: Tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, spirits, liqueurs, wine; silk and artificial silk in all forms; wearing apparel including hats, gloves and shoes; linen and cotton articles including household linen and handkerchiefs; toilet requisities and toilet preparations of all kinds including scent, soap, toilet waters, powder, etc.; clocks and watches,jewellery; cameras, field and opera glasses; wireless sets and valves, cinematograph films; magnetos and other parts of motor cars and motor cycles; musical instruments, gramophones and gramophone records, typewriters, saccharin; firearms, ammunition, explosives; opium, cocaine, morphine, heroin; hashish; plumage; merchandise in baggage.

The American Library, 9 Rue De Teheran, Paris—Open daily from 1.30 pm until 7.30 pm, except Sundays. Use of books and magazines in the library is free of charge, while they may be borrowed for outside reading for a nominal suns.

The large collection of over 45,000 volumes is being constantly increased. The latest fiction, biography, and books of travel may be easily secured and the large selection of American magazines is invaluable for those who wish to keep in touch with current affairs at home.

Wardrobe Trunks—There is a Baggage Room for storage of trunks.

Mail, Cables and Wireless Telegrams—Passengers are requested to enquire for mail at the Information Bureau.

Mail, cables and wireless messages are received at the Information Bureau for despatch. Cablegrams and telegrams should be handed in an hour before arrival at any port of call.

None of the ship's employees, other than those on duty in the Information Bureau, are authorized to accept letters, cables and telegrams for despatch while the ship is at sea.

Passengers are invited to leave their addresses at the Information Bureau, so that all undelivered mail, telegrams, etc., may be forwarded. Mail matter may be sent in care of any Canadian Pacific office.

Return Atlantic Passage—The Rail Traffic Representative is equipped to furnish full information concerning sailings and bookings on Canadian Pacific Steamships. Reservations should be secured from him and deposits to cover will be received.

Cross Channel Services—The Company operates frequent Liner Service between Cherbourg, Southampton, Havre, Antwerp, and Hamburg, also Belfast and Glasgow. For information apply to Rail Traffic Representative.

Aeroplane Service—Rail Traffic Representatives on all ships are now supplied with tickets and tariffs.

U.S. Head Tax—Provided temporary visitors to, or Passengers in transit through, the United States of America, leave the U.S.A. within sixty days from date of entry, amount of Head Tax deposited with the Canadian Pacific will be refunded by the Purser or at the European office of the Company, upon presentation of alien in transit form 514, duly completed and certified.

Suggestions—Passengers having any suggestions or complaints to make regarding service are requested to submit them to the Commander, Purser or Chief Steward promptly, so that immediate attention may be given.

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