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Royal Mail Enterprise Adds Lamport & Holt Liners to Its Transatlantic Service (1922)

Progressive Steamship Line Adds Lamport & Holt Liners Vandyck, Vestris and Vauban to Its Transatlantic Service

In order to accommodate the* unusually heavy passenger traffic during the coming season, arrangements have been made by the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company to add the well-known Lamport & Holt liners Vestris. Yandyck and Yauban to its transatlantic service. These steamers will make special voyages from New York to Cherbourg. Southampton and Hamburg on May 20, June 3 and July 12, thus enabling the Royal Mail to practically maintain weekly sailings during the late spring and summer months.

At the Royal Mail office, 26 Broadway, it was stated that the advance bookings had been so extremely large that all accommodations on the company’s steamers had been taken from early in May until the end of July and many intending passengers had been placed on a waiting list. To accommodate the overflow it had been found necessary to charter the three Lamport & Holt liners, and there was every indication that before their sailing dates they would be booked to capacity.

The high standard of service for which the Royal Mail has long been famous will be maintained- on the Lamport & Holt steamers, which are turbine liners of the finest type, having exceptionally fine passenger accommodations. In addition to spacious and artistically decorated public rooms, each of the vessels has a gymnasium and children’s play room, while photographic darkrooms have been installed for the use of passengers.

After making their three special voyages for the Royal Mail the three “V” steamers of the Lamport & Holt line will return to the New York-Buenos Aires service, in which they are at present engaged, for the purpose of accommodating the heavy passenger traffic to South America, which usually begins toward the end of July.

The Lamport & Holt Line is an important affiliated company of the Royal Mail—one of the largest as well as the oldest of steamship organizations—which controls over two million tons of shipping and has services in all parts of the world.

Source: Shipping: Marine Transportation, Construction, Equipment and Supplies, New York: Shipping Publishing Co, Volume 15, No. 5, March 10, 1922 p.33

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