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North German Lloyd Steamship Company Rules & Regulations (1898)

Here are the rules and regulations of the North German Lloyd Steamship Company regarding the Transportation of passengers and baggage as written in 1898. Especially useful for family genealogy researches.

A. Transportation of passengers.

  1. Rates for through tickets, or rates for circular tours, are arrived at by a combination of given rates.
  2. Tickets are issued only for first and second class railway transportation in connection, with steamship tickets reading via the lines of the North German Lloyd.
  3. The Tickets are not transferable.
  4. Tickets are good 12 months from date of sale. Date of final limit is shown on cover of ticketbook.
  5. The tickets are good for all regular trains. For the use of Vestibule trains, passengers holding I or II Class tickets, are required to pay the usual excess fare. For the use of sleeping cars, passengers are required to pay the regular sleeping car rate.
  6. Children not over 4 years of age are carried free. Children between the ages of 4 and 10 years, are carried two on one whole ticket. For one child alone, full fare has to be paid.
  7. By payment of the difference in the second and first class fares, second class passengers can change at their pleasure from second to first class.
  8. Tickets must be shown to Conductors or other railway officials, when required.
  9. Passengers can stop over on final limit tickets, at all stations designated on such tickets, At all other stations, stop overs are granted upon application to the Stationmaster, (Stations-vorstand) who will endorse tickets,
  10. The coupons of tickets are collected either by Conductors on trains, or station officials upon arrival at destination.
  11. Claims for unused booktickets or coupons should be addressed for adjustment with proper explanation to the North German Lloyd, Passage Dept. Bremen.

B. Transportation of baggage.

  1. Baggage is only checked through to those stations to which a baggage tariff exists,
  2. The amount of baggage carried free by the railways is in no case more than 25 kg., while on a number of railways all baggage carried has to be paid for. It is therefore advisable to send heavy baggage by „freight", as the time in transit is not long, and charges very reasonable.
  3. Passengers having baggage destined to points beyond Berlin, Leipzig, or Vienna, and going via these points, have to make arrangements for its transfer between the different stations in these cities.
  4. The presence of passengers at custom house stations, at the time of baggage examination, is absolutely necessary, as the railway companies cannot be held responsible for any loss or delay, occurring through passengers absence.

Source: Guide Through North America, Souvenir of the North German Lloyd, Bremen, published in New York in April, 1898.

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