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  • 1927-06-25 Brochure: Eastern Steamship Lines Eleven Coastwise Services. 32 Pages. Includes Deck Plans of the SS Boston / SS New York; SS Belfast / SS Camden; SS City of Bangor / SS Brandon; SS Governor Dingley; SS Calvin Austin, SS North Land, SS George Washington / SS Robert E. Lee, SS Hamilton / SS Jefferson, SS Yarmouth, SS Prince George / SS Prince Arthur. Ship Photographs Included: SS Boston, SS Belfast, SS J. T. Morse, SS City of Bangor, SS Governor Dingley, SS Calvin Austin, SS North Land, SS Robert E. Lee, SS Yarmouth, SS Prince Geroge and two small photos of interior views. Large Route Map and Engraving of SS Yarmouth. Brochure Incorporates other Steamship Lines including: Boston - New York, Boston - Bangor (Bar Harbor Line and Blue Hill Line), Boston - Portland, Boston to St. John NB, New York to Yarmouth, New York to Portland, New York to Richmond, New York to Norfolk (Old Dominion Line) and Boston & Yarmouth Steamship Co.
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