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Cunard Steamship Tickets - Contracts for Passage, 1880-1954 Available at the Archives

Cunard Line Ticket Agency - Trondhjem, Norway circa 1906

Photograph: Cunard Line Ticket Agency - Trondhjem, Norway circa 1906.

The Steamship Ticket - An immigrant's contract for passage to a new life in America was an elaborate (by today's standards) document that spelled out the terms and conditions including was was provided, limitations on baggage, prohibited items, requirements for travel and other specifications. Other related documents include the Agents Receipt and Record of each contract written.

The Contracts were printed and kept in a large 3 hole notebooks, serially numbered with detachable strips on both sides (left and right) of the main contract. The left portion remained with the Agent who sold the passage, and the right side was kept by the traveler or collected by the steamship company (Cunard).

Steamship Tickets / Contracts for Passage

Steamship Ticket from 1880 for a Swedish Immigrant

Other Cunard Line Steamship Tickets in the Archives In the Queue For Uploading

  • 1910-06-04 Steamship Ticket Receipt - Third Class Passage, Liverpool to New York
  • 1912-08-10 Steamship Ticket Agent Receipt, Third Class Outbound Ticket, Boston to Liverpool, 1 Adult and 1 Child - RMS Laconia sailing 20 August 1912
  • 1913-05-13 Steamship Ticket Agent's Record, Third Class Outbound, RMS Laconia sailing 27 May 1913
  • 1913-06-03 Steamship Ticket Agent's Record, Third Class Prepaid Ticket, Liverpool to Boston


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