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Treasure Quest - The Silver Queen (S.S. Laconia I - 1911)

Treasure Quest - The Silver Queen

“Treasure Quest – The Silver Queen” a production of the Discovery Channel produced a program in 2009 about the S.S. Laconia (1911) that was torpedoed in the North Atlantic off the coast of Ireland at the start of WWI.

They used still images from the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives to illustrate the program about the salvage operations to recover her cargo. Secrets of the Silver Queen refered to the silver (worth over $100 million) the Laconia was carrying at the time she was sunk.

Photographic Stills Provided by the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives:

Photographic Still provided by the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives

  1. Library and Writing Room - First Class
  2. Fireplace in the Writing Room
  3. The Gymnasium
  4. The Verandah Café
  5. Dining Saloon - Fist Class
  6. Covered Promenade - First Class
  7. Dining Saloon - Second Class
  8. Dining Room - Third Class

In addition to the stills, the Archives provided the transatlantic route maps of the Laconia I as supplemental information.

S. S. Laconia - The Silver Queen

Treasure Quest is a one-hour weekly American documentary reality television series that premiered on January 15, 2009 on the Discovery Channel. The program follows the employees of Odyssey Marine Exploration as they search the English Channel for various lost ships. The team is led by company CEO Gregory Stemm and Tom Dettweiler (operations director of Robert Ballard's team that discovered the RMS Titanic[1]).

RMS Laconia - An ocean liner transformed into an armed merchant cruiser during World War I, sunk by a German U-boat. Also known as the Silver Queen due to the precious metals on board when sunk.

TREASURE QUEST was broadcast on Thursdays @ 10pm Only on THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL!

Reference: Discover Channel Treasure Quest: The Silver Queen, Season 1, Episode 11 : First Televised: 26 March 2009. Directed by Chris Sondreal, Narrated by Rob Naughton. Approximate Run Time: 43 Minutes.


Documents and Information on the R.M.S. Laconia (I) Available at the Archives


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