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American Line History and Ephemera

American Line Logo And Banner circa 1905

The American Line operated transatlantic steamships that offered weekly express service between Southampton and New York with additional services between the ports of Antwerp, Philadelphia, Queenstown and Liverpool and Philadelphia and Antwerp.

The International Navigation Company, the proprietary organization from, which this Line was developed, was incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1871. In 1873 a fortnightly servioe of steamers was established betweea Antwerp and Philadelphia. under the Belgian flag was known as the Red Star Line. and the American Line was founded in 1880, bringing a weekly service between New York and Antwerp, this ezpansion being followed in 1886. by acquiring the Inman Line.

In 1893 the Inman and International as the Line was then called. became the American Line, and their steamers exchanged Liverpool for Southampton as their port of call. Weekly New York Mail Lines are run to and from Antwerp and Southampton. steamers numiDg between Antwerp and New York can at Dover. A Line is also maintained between Philadelphia. and
Liverpool. as well as Antwerp.

Passenger Lists of the American Line


American Line
American Line, Southampton - New York Service, First Cabin Rates - 1901 Brochure American Line, Southampton - New York Service, First Cabin Rates - 1901 Brochure
This 1901 Brochure covers First Cabin Travel on the Steamships of the American Line and includes Deck Plans, Rates for Transatlantic Travel and General Passenger Information. Includes Tariff of First Cabin Fares from Southampton to New York (For Steamships S.S. St. Louis and St. Paul) and (S.S. New York), Includes Information for Passengers and Cabin Deck Plan - S.S. St. Louis and S.S. St. Paul , and, Cabin Deck Plan - S.S. New York.
American Line 1907 Brochure - Philadelphia - Queenstown - Liverpool 1907 Brochure Second Cabin Accommodations and Services (Philadelphia - Queenstown - Liverpool)
Brochure covers the American Line Philadelphia to Queenstown (Cobh) to Liverpool service in 1907. Offers a schedule of sailings, rates and bill of fare (typical food served for each meal) and includes information for passengers for each port of call, other points of interest, railways and rates. Special sections on Scandinavian ports, purchasing return tickets, foreign money, valuables and passport requirements. Brochure includes ten interior and exterior photographs.

Vintage Menus

Vintage Dinner Menus
Dinner Bill of Fare from the American Line
1908-07-04 Fourth of July Dinner Menu - S.S. Noordland 1908-07-04 Fourth of July Dinner Menu - S.S. Noordland
This rare fourth of July Menu from the S.S. Noordland of the American Line featured Broiled Chicken. Maryland Style and Petits Fillets Mignonne's. The complete lyrics of the Star Spangled Banner were printed on the bask side of the menu.


Vintage Luncheon Menus
Luncheon Bill of Fare from the American Line
Lunch Menu, American Line S.S. Haverford, 1908 1908-11-21 Lunch Menu - Haverford

This is a lunch menu from the Steamship Haverford of the American Line. The voyage of 16 days made for an extremely long transatlantic journey for these passengers.



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