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SS State of Pennsylvania Passenger List - 28 June 1883

Front Cover, Passenger List SS State of Pennsylvania 28 June 1883

Cabin Passenger List for the SS State of Pennsylvania of the State Line Steam Ship Company, Departing 28 June 1883 from New York for Glasgow, Commanded by Captain Alex Ritchie.

List of Cabin Passengers
SS State of Pennsylvania
Captain Alex Ritchie
New York to Glasgow
28 June 1883

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain Alex Ritchie
  • Purser: W. G McMunn
  • Chief Steward: John Munro
  • Surgeon: Dr. Andrew Brome

Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. Thomas Allen, Chicago
  2. Mr. James Bell, Savannah, GA
  3. Mr. Wm. C. Campbell, Schenectady, NY
  4. Miss Isabella Craig, Dayton, OH
  5. Miss Josephine Craig, Dayton, OH
  6. Mr. David Creighton, New York City
  7. Mr. W. H. Davenport, New York City
  8. Mr. Robert Craig, Dayton, OH
  9. Rev. Luke T. DuBois, New York City
  10. Mrs. J. D. Falconer, Fall River, MA
  11. Mrs. M. A. Fallon, Cedar Rapids, IA
  12. Mr. Roger Foster, New York City
  13. Mr. Frinkel, New York City
  14. Mrs. Frinkel, New York City
  15. Mrs. Jane Froberg and Infant, Brooklyn
  16. Mr. H. Gough, Chicago
  17. Mr. James D. Griggan, Fall River, MA
  18. Mrs. John Griggan, Fall River, MA
  19. Miss Janet Guthrie, New York City
  20. Mr. Samuel Guthrie, Glasgow
  21. Mrs. Halliday, Buffalo, NY
  22. Mrs. Agnes Hanna, Pittsburg, PA
  23. Mr. John H. Hanna, Pittsburg, PA
  24. Prof. H. H. Hay, Philadelphia
  25. Mr. Stratheare Hendric, Detroit, MI
  26. Mr. Richard Hughes, New York City
  27. Miss Houston, Toronto, ON
  28. Mr. Thoa. Kenworthy, Philadelphia
  29. Mr. Leekie, Toronto, ON
  30. Mr. Thos. Leybourne, New York City
  31. Rev. G. P. Loop, New York City
  32. Mrs. Elizabeth J. Massa, Brooklyn
  33. Master Chas. G. Massa, Brooklyn
  34. Master Louis F. Massa, Brooklyn
  35. Mr. McGeney, New York City
  36. Mrs. Isabella McKensie, New York City
  37. Mr. McMillan, Toronto, ON
  38. Rev. C. W. Millen, Brooklyn
  39. Mr. B. P. Miller, St. Paul, MN
  40. Miss Neeley, New York City
  41. Mr. Chas. B. Nettleton, Dayton, OH
  42. Mrs. C. B. Nettleton, Dayton, OH
  43. Rev. W. M. Paden, New York City
  44. Rev. S. Pancoast, New York City
  45. Mr, James Patterson, Kerrville, TX
  46. Mr. O. O. Phillips, Pittsburg, PA
  47. Mrs. Phillips, Pittsburg, PA
  48. Mrs. M. A. Quindler, Philadelphia
  49. Miss Jennie Quindler, Philadelphia
  50. Master Willie Quindler, Philadelphia
  51. Mr. A. Robertson, New York City
  52. Rev. John Scott, New York City
  53. Mr. W. Smith, New York City
  54. Mr. W. B. Tennant, Newport, RI
  55. Mrs. J. Tosley, San Francisco, CA
  56. Mr. T. Trend, Dalton, MA
  57. Rev. W. B. Walker, New York City
  58. Miss Isabella Watt, New York City
  59. Mr. S. C. Wilson, Dayton, OH
  60. Capt. Robt. Wood, Bermuda
  61. Mr. A. Yard, New York City

Back Cover, Passenger List SS State of Pennsylvania 28 June 1883

Donated by Robert Pancoast, 1978 and transferred to GG Archives in 2016. Donor was listed on passenger list as Rev. S. Pancoast.

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