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SS Athenia Passenger List - 2 September 1938

Passenger List, Donaldson Atlantic Line SS Athenia, 1938

Cabin and Tourist Passenger List for the SS Athenia of the Donaldson Atlantic Line, Departing 2 September 1938 from Glasgow to Quebec and Montreal via Belfast and Liverpool. Commanded by Captain James Cook.

The SS Athenia was the first British ship sunk by Germany in World War II. The Athenia was torpedoed and sunk without warning on the night of September 3, 1939 by the German submarine U-30 less than twelve hours after the declaration of war between Germany and Great Britain. She carried 1,417 passengers and crew bound for Montreal. 93 passengers and 19 crew members died.This passenger list is from a voyage one year prior to the sinking.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: James Cook
  2. Chief Officer: B. M. Copland
  3. Chief Engineer: John Carnegie
  4. Surgeon: J. G. McCutcheon
  5. Purser: A H. Wotherspoon
  6. Chief Steward: R. Rankin

Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. John Baxter
  2. Mrs. Baxter
  3. Mrs. J. F. Beveridge
  4. Mr. J. C. Beveridge
  5. Mr. C. A. Bickmore
  6. Miss Elizabeth M. Boyd
  7. Mr. Claude P. Boyle
  8. Mrs. Boyle
  9. Mrs. W. E. Cooper
  10. Miss Isobel Cooper
  11. Mrs. M. A. Cornish
  12. Mrs. Jane Couper
  13. Mrs. Robina Craig
  14. Mr. Henry Crawford
  15. Miss Margt. Hallaran (Did Not Embark)
  16. Miss Jean P. Hamilton
  17. Mrs. A. J. Harvey
  18. Mstr. Peter Harvey
  19. Miss M. H. Holmes
  20. Mrs. Lillie Hutchison
  21. Miss Frances Hutchison
  22. Professor J. R. Jack
  23. Mrs. Jack
  24. Mr. Joseph J. Johnston
  25. Mr. S. A. Maddocks
  26. Mr. R. L. Martin (Did Not Embark)
  27. Mr. Thomas Rafferty
  28. Miss Jessica C. Riddel
  29. Mrs. J. H. Riddel
  30. Miss Sheila Riddel
  31. Mrs. Ina S. Robertson
  32. Mrs. Margaret M. Ross
  33. Mrs. P. W. Sherman
  34. Miss Dorothy Sherman
  35. Mrs. Norman Slater
  36. Miss Margt. Slater
  37. Miss Mary W. Smart
  38. Mr. James O. Smith
  39. Miss Mary E. Smith
  40. Rev. C. J. S. Stuart
  41. Mrs. Stuart
  42. Miss E. Stuart
  43. Miss A. Stuart
  44. Miss Margaret Taylor
  45. Mr. W. H. Thompson
  46. Dr. Anna M. Wellnitz
  47. Mrs. Effie C. Whyte
  48. Master Charles Whyte
  49. Mr. Edgar M. Wilson
  50. Mrs. Wilson
  51. Mr. A. H. Down
  52. Miss Irene Dunn
  53. Mrs. Thomas McCrae
  54. Miss Jenny S. McInnes
  55. Miss Isabella McInnes
  56. Miss Jeanette N. Early
  57. Mr. Henry Pratt
  58. Mrs. Pratt
  59. Miss Elizabeth G. Ferguson
  60. Miss Lilla F. Pratt
  61. Miss Gladys Gibsone
  62. Miss Louisa Quarmby

Tourist Passengers

  1. Mr. K. M. Ainley
  2. Mrs. Ainley
  3. Miss M. Arkieson
  4. Prof. C. C. Bayley
  5. Mrs. Bayley
  6. Dr. E. R. M. Brecken
  7. Mrs. Brecken
  8. Miss Grace Brecken
  9. Miss E. Brown
  10. Miss Ida H. Bull
  11. Mr. W. Callow
  12. Mrs. Callow
  13. Mrs. L. Cantor
  14. Miss M. Cantor
  15. Mr. V. Dc Carle
  16. Mrs. De Carle
  17. Miss S. Charnock
  18. Mrs. E. R. Clark
  19. Mr. Francis Clark
  20. Mrs. M. Connell
  21. Miss Grace Cowan
  22. Miss Clementina Cruickshank
  23. Mrs. Christina Cuddy
  24. Mrs. Charlotte G. Currie
  25. Mrs. G. Davison
  26. Mr. Thomas Davison
  27. Mrs. Davison
  28. Mrs. R. Dodd
  29. Miss M. Dodd
  30. Mrs. Elizabeth T. Doig
  31. Miss Elizabeth Downie
  32. Mr. E. C. Eatly
  33. Miss F. Elmslie
  34. Mrs. S. Emerson
  35. Mrs. Christina Ferris
  36. Miss Annie Fraser
  37. Mr. Lee Gabby
  38. Miss Englena C. Gall
  39. Mrs. E. Geils
  40. Miss B. Geils
  41. Miss M. Geils
  42. Master A. Geils
  43. Mr. T. P. Goddard
  44. Mrs. Goddard
  45. Mr. Robert P. Gordon
  46. Mrs. Gordon
  47. Mr. H. Gray Mrs. Gray
  48. Mrs. Elizabeth Gray
  49. Mr. Harry Gretton
  50. Mrs. Gretton
  51. Mr. P. Gunn
  52. Mr. William Harcus
  53. Miss Bessie L. Harvey
  54. Mrs. J. Hastic
  55. Mrs. Hilliard
  56. Miss Olivia M. Hilliard
  57. Miss Harriet Hilliard
  58. Mr. John E. Hillier
  59. Miss Helen R. Hillier
  60. Miss E. Hodge
  61. Mrs. Elizabeth G. Holder
  62. Miss J. Holley
  63. Mr. P. E. Hyde
  64. Mrs. Hyde
  65. Mrs. Jeannie Inglis
  66. Miss Eliz. Inglis
  67. Mrs. C. R. Jackson
  68. Miss A. Jackson
  69. Miss J. Jackson
  70. Miss J. Jackson
  71. Mr. C. R. Jackson
  72. Miss Jane Johnson
  73. Mrs. Lilie Jolly
  74. Miss Mary Lorimer
  75. Mr. Joseph Low
  76. Mr. T. F. Lownik
  77. Mrs. Lownik
  78. Mrs. Ada F. Manuell
  79. Mrs. J. E. Marks
  80. Mrs. A. C. Meadows
  81. Miss S. M. Meadows
  82. Miss S. R. Meadows
  83. Mrs. Peter Miller
  84. Mr. Ross Miller
  85. Mstr. Kenneth Miller
  86. Mr. S. C. Miller
  87. Mrs. Miller
  88. Rev. Alex. Milmine
  89. Mrs. Milmine
  90. Miss Mary Mitchell
  91. Mrs. M. Moss (Did Not Embark)
  92. Mstr. G. Moss (Did Not Embark)
  93. Miss Jane Mulligan
  94. Mr. H. Murdoch
  95. Mrs. Murdoch
  96. Mr. Rchd. J. Murphy
  97. Mr. C. E. Oliver
  98. Mr. Archibald Owens
  99. Mrs. Owens
  100. Mrs. M. Parker
  101. Mrs. L. H. Parkinson
  102. Mrs. C. Paterson
  103. Mrs. E. M. Payne
  104. Mrs. W. H. Phipps
  105. Rev. L. J. Poirier
  106. Mrs. Christina Rae
  107. Miss Betty Rae
  108. Mrs. M. E. Reed
  109. Miss E. G. Reed
  110. Miss F. I. Roberts
  111. Mr. F. H. Roberts
  112. Mr. T. A. Roberts
  113. Mr. Lloyd Robinson
  114. Miss M. Rushton
  115. Mr. D. F. Scanlon
  116. Rev. Thomas Scott
  117. Mrs. Scott
  118. Miss Anna T. Scott
  119. Mr. Fredk. Sedgewick
  120. Mrs. Sedgewick
  121. Mr. Ernest Shirlaw
  122. Miss Ethel Smart
  123. Miss Rachel Stevenson
  124. Miss N. Stork
  125. Mr. R. St. George
  126. Mrs. Evelyn Tompkins
  127. Mr. C. F. Truman
  128. Mrs. Nellie M. Unwin
  129. Mrs. E. L. Wain
  130. Mrs. Ethel Walker
  131. Mr. B. Wilkinson
  132. Mrs. Wilkinson
  133. Master J. Wilkinson
  134. Miss A. Wilkinson
  135. Mr. J. R. Wood
  136. Mrs. Wood
  137. Mr. Archd. McCallum
  138. Mr. W. McBroom
  139. Mrs. McBroom
  140. Mrs. Jean McCulloch
  141. Miss L. McCulloch
  142. Mrs. Janet A. McDermid
  143. Prof. Norman Macdonald
  144. Mrs. Macdonald
  145. Miss Ellen L. MacDonald
  146. Mr. Andrew McDougall
  147. Mrs. McDougall
  148. Miss Margaret McDougall
  149. Miss Catherine McFie
  150. Mrs. Mary McGlashan
  151. Mrs. Isabella McIver
  152. Master Roderick McIver
  153. Mrs. Christina Mackenzie
  154. Mr. Duncan MacKenzie
  155. Mrs. MacKenzie
  156. Rev. Dr. W. W. McPherson
  157. Mrs. McPherson

Cabin Passengers Additional:

  1. Mrs. Jessie Anderson
  2. Mr. Sedley Cudmore
  3. Mrs. Cudmore

Did Not Embark :

  1. Miss Margt. Hallaran
  2. Mr. R. L. Martin

Tourist Passengers Additional :

  1. Mrs. D. F. Scanlon
  2. Miss Annie F. Setchill

Errata :

  • Miss J. Holley should read Miss J. Halley
  • Mr. H. Murdoch should read Mr. H. Murdock
  • Mrs. Murdoch should read Mrs. Murdock
  • Mrs. M. E. Reed should read Mrs. M. E. Reid
  • Miss E. G. Reed should read Miss E. G. Reid
  • Miss F. I. Roberts should read Mrs. F. I. Roberts

Did Not Embark :

  1. Mrs. M. Moss
  2. Mstr. G. Moss
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