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SS President Jackson Passenger List - 22 September 1934

Front Cover - Passenger List, American Mail Line, SS President Jackson, 22 September 1934

Passenger List for the SS President Jackson of the American Mail Line, Departing 22 September 1934 from Yakohama to Seattle via Victoria, Commanded by Captain M. M. Jensen, U.S.N.R.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: M. M. Jensen, U.S.N.R„ COMMANDER
  2. Chief Officer: L. Bridge
  3. Chief Engineer: E. R. Lacey
  4. Purser: L M . Manor
  5. Assistant Purser: J. H. Smith
  6. Medical Officer: A. E. Stuht
  7. Chief Steward: J. W. Tellgren

List of Passengers


  1. Mr. John Lee


  1. Mr. Philip A. Adler
  2. Capt. P. H. Carlson
  3. Cmdr. H. C. Cooper
  4. Mrs. H. C. Cooper
  5. Miss Caroline Cooper
  6. Mstr. Samuel Cooper
  7. Mstr. Robert Cooper
  8. Mrs. Stanley Chin
  9. Mr. Chao Ming Chen
  10. Miss Chen Hok Hui
  11. Mr. E. R. Duncan
  12. Mr. Julio Folgueras
  13. Lt. Cmdr. Wm. H. Funk
  14. Mrs. Wm. H. Funk
  15. Mr. How Men Yet
  16. Mr. John Q. Jennings
  17. Mr. F. A. Kraudelt
  18. Mr. Lew Yin Cho
  19. Mrs. Celia Paredes
  20. Mr. D. B. Poindexter
  21. Mr. Jesse K. Richardson
  22. Mr. H. G. Snyder
  23. Mrs. H. G. Snyder
  24. Miss Lucy Wang
  25. Mrs. A. K. Wong
  26. Miss Madeline Wong
  27. Miss Peggy Wong
  28. Mr. C. P. Wong

Services of the American Mail Line

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