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SS Minneapolis Passenger List - 10 April 1902

Passenger List, Atlantic Transport Line, SS Minneapolis, 1902

Saloon Passenger List for the SS Minneapolis of the Atlantic Transport Line, Departing 10 April 1902 from London to New York, Commanded by Captain Thomas F. Gates.

Photograph of the SS Minneapolis of the Atlantic Transport Line, 1901

Photograph of the SS Minneapolis of the Atlantic Transport Line, 1901. From the photographic collection of the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Thos. F. Gates
  2. < strong>Surgeon: J. Beaumont
  3. Chief Engineer: Niel K. Maclean
  4. Purser: Charles A. Wills
  5. Chief Steward: J. L. Martin

Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. D. F. Angus
  2. Mrs. D. F Angus
  3. Mr. F. A. Barraclough
  4. Mr. George A. Batchelor
  5. Mrs. W. D. Bidwell
  6. Mr. A H. Bottenheim
  7. Mrs. A. H. Bottenheim
  8. Miss Ella Bottenheim
  9. Miss Gwendolyn Bottenheim
  10. Miss R Bottenheim
  11. Mr. C. N. Brady
  12. Mrs. C. N. Brady
  13. Miss Flora P. Brady
  14. Mr. M. G. Burmester
  15. Miss Ruth Cassie
  16. Miss Mary Chandler
  17. Captain Chapin, D.S.O
  18. Mrs. George E. Coward
  19. Miss Mary Coward
  20. Master George Coward
  21. Mrs. L. D. Cox
  22. Mrs. Thornburgh-Cropper
  23. Mr. H. Dorgeloh
  24. Mr. T. Nelson Downs
  25. Mrs. M. Florence Eustis
  26. Master Stanton Eustis
  27. Mrs. Field
  28. Miss Dorothy Field
  29. Miss N. M Flint
  30. Miss E. A. Foster
  31. Mr. Charles S. Gaubert
  32. Mrs. Charles S. Gaubert
  33. Mr. S. R. Green
  34. Mrs. Green and Infant
  35. Miss Hogue
  36. Mr. Willard F. Hopkins
  37. Miss Lydia Hooper
  38. Mrs. Hopper
  39. Master Hopper
  40. Mrs. Mary H. Lamson
  41. Mr. Townsend Lawrence
  42. Mr. E. Straker Lawton
  43. Mrs. E. Straker Lawton and Infant
  44. Mrs. Herbert Lloyd and Maid
  45. Miss L. Malim
  46. Miss Mary Martin
  47. Miss Catherine Martin
  48. Mr. W. G. McCune
  49. Mrs. M. R. McGill
  50. Miss McGill
  51. Mrs. C. Mills
  52. Mr. Bradford Norman
  53. Mrs. Bradford Norman
  54. Mr. Ralph Palmer
  55. Mr. J. W. Paxton
  56. Mrs. M. Pelly
  57. Mr. A. G. Penchen
  58. Miss H. Putman
  59. Mr. W. E. Richards
  60. Mrs. W. E. Richards
  61. Miss Gracie Richards
  62. Master Percival Richards
  63. Mr. E. W. Sells
  64. Miss M. Sells
  65. Mr. Edward M. Shadbolt
  66. Miss Shadbolt
  67. Mrs. E. E. Smith
  68. Mr. C. N. Spencer
  69. Mrs. C. N. Spencer
  70. Dr. Wallace I. Terry
  71. Mrs. Wallace I. Terry and child
  72. Mrs. William M. Treglown
  73. Mrs. George H. Treglown
  74. Master Arthur T. Treglown
  75. Miss Mary C. Wells

Information for Passengers

  • Tea and Coffee at 7 a.m
  • Breakfast 8.30 a.m
  • Lunch ... 1:00 pm
  • Dinner ... 6.30 p.m

Meals for Nurses and Children :—Breakfast, 8:00 am; Dinner, 12; Tea, 5:00 pm

Please aptly to Second Steward for seating accommodation at Table.

Lights in the Saloon are extinguished at 11:00 pm, and in the Smoking Room at 11.30 pm.

Bar closes at 11:00 pm

Smoking is not allowed in the Saloon, State-rooms or Companion-ways.

The Saloon Steward will supply Stamps, Telegraph Forms, Books of Reference, and Railway Time Tables of the Principal Companies.

Divine Service.—Intimation regarding Divine Service will appear on the Notice Boards every Sunday morning.

Valuables.—Passengers are enjoined to be very careful in the disposal of small articles of baggage, more especially during Embarkation, when there are always strangers on Board.

Money, Jewellery, and valuables of any kind, should always be left securely under lock and key.

Passengers may deposit with the Purser any Money, Jewellery, &c., for safe keeping during the voyage, but no responsibility can be accepted for same.

Luggage.—Only hand-bags and trunks which will fit underneath the berths are allowed in the State-rooms; all large or heavy luggage must be placed in the Baggage Room, to which access can be gained by applying to the Officer in charge of Baggage.

Passengers will greatly expedite the disembarkation if they will have their State-room Baggage packed ready for removal directly on arrival, so that the transfer may at once be proceeded with.

Electric Bell Calls.—For Steward, one ring; for Stewardess, two rings.

Passengers' Addresses should be left with the Purser, in order that any letters sent to the care of the Company may be forwarded.

Letters.—Passengers may have their letters addressed to any of the Company's Offices given below, where they will be retained until called for, or forwarded according to instructions.

Track Chart, Atlantic Transport Line, SS Minneapolis, 1902

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