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SS Marquette Passenger List - 15 September 1900

Front Cover - 15 September 1900 Passenger List, SS Marquette, Atlantic Transport Line

Cabin Passenger List for the SS Marquette of the Atlantic Transport Line, Departing 15 September 1900 from New York to London, Commanded by Captain Thomas F. Gates.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Capt. Thomas F. Gates

List of Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. T. Bradford
  2. Mrs. Bradford and child
  3. Mr. J. M, Browning
  4. Mr. M. S. Browning
  5. Mr. John Browning
  6. Mr. R. Clarke
  7. Miss Minnie Colver
  8. Mr. G. R. Cottrell
  9. Miss Josephine Cromby
  10. Miss Mary L. Craig
  11. Mr. R. Colt
  12. Miss C. Cowan
  13. Mr. W. de la Devereaux
  14. Mr. Archibald J. Dunn
  15. Mr. Edgar W. Earle
  16. Mrs. J. H. Erlund
  17. Mrs. Robt. N. Fairbanks
  18. Miss Beatrice Fairbanks
  19. Mast. Sydney Fairbanks
  20. Mr. Wm. Hawkins
  21. Miss Mary C. Hyde
  22. Mr. F. Keeling
  23. Mrs. Keeling
  24. Mr. Randall Kernan
  25. Miss Miriam M. Kimball
  26. Mr. Benj. Kimball
  27. Mr. Harry P. Knight
  28. Miss Theresa Kormann
  29. Miss Mamie Kormann
  30. Miss Edith Mason
  31. Mrs. Helen Merlin
  32. Mrs. K. Michie
  33. Miss Ada Michie
  34. Miss May Michie
  35. Mr. W. R. Norman
  36. Mrs, Norman
  37. Mr. E. W. Nutter
  38. Miss Francis E. Oakley
  39. Mr. Alfred J. Oxenham
  40. Mr. George W. Pierce
  41. Mrs. Pierce
  42. Mr. Frank Pierce
  43. Mast. Stanley Pierce
  44. Miss Isabella G. Richardson
  45. Mr. W. S. Salway
  46. Mrs. Mary K. Seeger
  47. Mr. Max F, Seeger
  48. Miss Smith
  49. Mr. J. B. Smith
  50. Mrs. G. T. Smith
  51. Miss Eugenie Sockard
  52. Mrs. M. V. Stevens
  53. Mr. Hyland P. Stewart
  54. Mr. C. J. Thatcher
  55. Mr. H. R. Thomas
  56. Mrs. H. T. Thomas
  57. Mast. F. Thomas
  58. Miss M. Thomas
  59. Mr. Ley Vernon
  60. Mr. C. A. Waghorn
  61. Mrs. Waghorn
  62. Miss Waghorn
  63. Mr. Archibald C. V. Wells
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