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RMS Titanic Collectibles & Memorabilia

While the actual RMS Titanic ephemera and other collectibles are both scarce and pricey, there are plenty of reproductions available for a reasonable price, suitable for many Titanic aficionados. You'll quickly notice that packaging of the collectibles are often the priority since the product (reproductions of available documents) is essentially the same from all suppliers.

Front of Hinged Box Containing The Titanic Collection: Mementos of the Maiden Voyage from the rchives of the Titanic Historical Society

The Titanic Collection: Mementos of the Maiden Voyage

Drawn from the archives of the Titanic Historical Society, The Titanic Collection uses real documents authentically reproduced to paint a riveting portrait of life on board this magnificent ship.

Front Side of Titanic: 100 Years Below - Deluxe Centenary Edition

Titanic: 100 Years Below - Deluxe Centenary Edition

The Deluxe Centenary Edition of Titanic: 100 Years Below is a collector's dream for those who want different mediums to get a sense of the tragedy. The memorabilia packet of documents and reproductions were, unfortunately, cheaply done and lacked the quality exhibited in other reproduction sets. The outer packaging was apparently the priority for this boxed set.

Front/Top of Titanic: The Official Story - April 14-15, 1912

Titanic: The Official Story - April 14-15, 1912

Now, with the publication of Titanic: The Official Story, the voice of history, at last, speaks to us from across the decades. This particular box contains reproductions of eighteen documents that look and feel remarkably like the originals in London's famed Public Record Office.

Front/Top of Titanic Poster 550-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Titanic 550-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle with Poster

Made in the USA, this 18" x 24", 550-piece interlocking jigsaw puzzle is sure to provide hours of enjoyment to all people interested in the RMS Titanic. Besides framing the completed puzzle, this box also contains a 10x14 in poster of the Titanic.

Front Cover of The Wall Chart of the Titanic by Tom McCluskie

Wall Chart of the Titanic

This wall chart pulls out into a fascinating chronicle of this beautiful ship. Illustrated with many previously unseen pictures, it also features full-color plans of every aspect of the Titanic, as well as a comprehensive timeline which guides the reader minute-by-minute through the fateful night of April 12.


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