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Ellis Island Immigration Experience

Immigrants Landing at Ellis Island in 1902

Immigrants Landing at Ellis Island in 1902

Important Dates in Ellis Island History

  • 1890: Congress appropriates $75,000 to build an immigration station at Ellis Island.
  • January 1, 1892: The immigration station at Ellis Island officially opens.
  • June 15, 1897: Fire destroys station and records of immigrants back to 1840.
  • December 1900: The new and currently standing main building opens at a cost of $1.5 million.
  • 1907: Ellis Island has peak number of immigrants arrive (Approximately 1.25 million).
  • 1920: After WWI, Ellis Island Reopened processing 225,206 immigrants.
  • November 1954: Norwegian Merchant Seaman Arne Peterssen, the last immigrant is processed at Ellis Island.

Ellis Island Immigration Resources

Ellis Island Immigrant Station-One of the Small Barges in the Foreground

Gateway to America for European Immigrants (1906)

One of the most noteworthy features of the industrial system in the United States is the question of labor supply. The efficiency of American labor has been the subject of an endless amount of discussion among students of industrial affairs. Immigrant Processing, Statistics, Photographs

Immigrants Landing at Ellis Island

A Day In The New Ellis Island: A British Perspective 1895

Ellis Island, the modern Castle Garden of New York, is undoubtedly during the height of the emigration season the most cosmopolitan centre in the wide world. First Hand Account, Immigrant Processing, Photographs

The Receiving Room at Ellis Island

Handling The Immigrant at Ellis Island - 1896

Ellis Island is but a tiny bit of land, but it has a history all its own. It was here that the Dutch, and afterwards the early English governors, stored the town's ammunition. First Hand Account, Immigrant Processing, Immigration Agencies

Arrival of Immigrants at Ellis Island

The Immigration Question - A Study of Migration (1897)

Among the many problems which the rapid and restless progress of civilized mankind has created in the nineteenth century, the problem of immigration is not the least interesting. Immigration History, Statistics, Migration and Emigration Information

Immigrants Landing at Ellis Island in 1902

The Landing of the Emigrants on Ellis Island (1897)

The finest station of this kind in the possession of the government is the national successor to Castle Garden, which is located on Ellis Island, New York harbor. Immigration Process, History of Immigration, Steerage

The New Buildings at Ellis Island Immigration Station - 1898

The Threshold of America - Ellis Island Immigration Station, 1898

Ellis Island had to consider planning a fire-proof structure which would keep immigrants free from all outside interference until discharged, while affording conveniences to resident relatives or friends to communicate with them at the proper time. Immigration Process, Ellis Island Descriptive Information, Photographs

"And the Christmas of the Immigrants at the Barge Office Is Not a Bad One, After All."

1898 - Homeless Immigrants Christmas at the Barge Office

For the great country which welcomes wanderers does not forget to give them cordial greeting when Christmas sees them first upon its shores.

Ellis Island Immigrant Station ca 1900

At Ellis Island - A Poem For A Loved One

SHE'S left ould Ireland, ashtore,
She's sailed across the sea—
This day I'll see her step ashore,
Oh, happy day for me!...

Immigrants Arriving at Ellis Island

A Morning's Scenes At Ellis Island

Today the new buildings which are in use, although not entirely 'completed, afford ample accommodation for the throngs of foreigners who enter our country through the Port of New York.

Immigrant Detained for Special Inquiry

Americans In The Raw - Immigrants At Ellis Island

The Government assumes jurisdiction over the aliens as soon as their steamer has been passed at quarantine. Inspectors go aboard from the revenue cutters down the bay and obtain the manifests of alien passengers...

In The Paths of Immigration At Ellis Island

It is ten years now since that well - remembered epidemic of cholera in Hamburg among the Russian immigrants, which, being carried by them into New York Harbor, for some weeks kept this country in a fever of dread.

Immigrants Flocking to the US

In The Gateway of Nations - The Mass Immigration to The US

And the hopelessly bewildered are there, often enough exasperated at the restraint, which they cannot understand. The law of kindness is put to a severe strain here by ignorance and stubbornness.

The Great Migration - As Seen At the Port of New York (1903)

Upon arriving at the landing place, the immigrants are led along the wharf, as seen in the illustration, and carrying their hand baggage they file up to the first floor in the main building.

Group of Immigrants at Ellis Island

The Flood From Europe - The Immigration Problem, 1903

The report of the Commissioner General of Immigration has been issued for the year, ending June 30th, 1903, and it shows that all previous records have been broken in the number of aliens that have come to the United States during the twelve months included in the report. Illustrated.

Italian Immigrants in the Railroad Waiting Room at Ellis Island

Solving The Immigration Problem (1904)

Assimilation is a mutual process; it depends for success not only on what the foreign body will do to be absorbed into the greater body, but upon what the greater body will do to attract it.

Typical Immigrants at the Immigration Station at Ellis Island, New York

Photographs of Ellis Island Immigrants - 1904 / 1905

Photographs were published in the Norwegian Book, Blandt Udvandrede Nordmænd: Vore Landsmænds Liv og Vilkaar i Den Nye Verden - Det Norske Amerika af Thoralv Klaveness. Immigrants to North America.

The Registration Room at Ellis Island

How Immigrants Are Inspected at Ellis Island circa 1903

The writer has roughly described the immigrant inspection in 1905 at New York, but the same attention to detail and strict enforcement of laws and regulations can be said to exist at all our ports.

Immigrants Arriving at Ellis Island

How Immigrants Are Handled - A Business Perspective

The system by which the United States government examines and sends on their way as many as 12,000 immigrants in a single day—as easily, as methodically and smoothly as though they were so many sacks of grain.

Dutch Immigrant Family Arrving in Steerage. Father, Mother, and Infant.

The Child Immigrant At Ellis Island

Stockholm is far away, and little Augusta, holding her doll close to her wonders a great deal at what she secs. Her eyes are deep blue and health glows in her chubby pink cheeks and crimson lips. She is bound for Minnesota to join her father and four stalwart brothers.

Immigrants Head Into The Great Red Building - The Gateway Into America

The Men Who Are To Vote - Our New Immigrants

Ellis Island on a sparkling April afternoon. A fresh salt breeze is sweeping in from the ocean. In the harbor, life is throbbing! Bustling tugs and huge steamers, scows laden with freight-cars, ferry-boats crowded with people, tall, clumsy two-decked barges packed with immigrants from ocean liners.

Typical Irish Immigrant Family at Ellis Island

Helping Irish Girls At Ellis Island

The great landing station for steerage passengers is Ellis Island, New York harbor. Here, almost daily, may be seen thousands from every land, gathered like anxious children at a mother's hem.

Immigrants Land at Ellis Island

The Inspection And Registration Of Immigrants (1906)

When a ship arrives in New York harbor, telegraphic notice of its entrance is sent ahead, and the vessel is boarded by the State quarantine inspectors, and by the immigration inspectors and surgeons.

Registry Hall at Ellis Island

Ellis Island: The Island Of Disenchantment

Loquacity is relief in time of trouble. The foreigner shut in to herself by the strangeness of her tongue, suffers more than do those of English speech who can more readily relate their sufferings to sympathetic ears and hearts.

Ariel View of Ellis Island in 1908

The Loves of Ellis Island - 1909

In the Loves of Ellis Island you may find a theme to answer the eternal question of existence. You shall see the immigrants laugh and cry. Nothing more matters much.

Cossack Immigrants, of whom about 5,500 were admitted in	1906.

Some Of Our Immigrants - A Look At The People Coming Through Ellis Island

The immigrants were photographed immediately after disembarking, and are here shown just as they landed, most of them being still clad in their native costume, which will be discarded, however, within a few hours.

German Immigrants and His Family

Curbing A Human Flood of Immigration - A New Law Takes Effect

In spite of the clamor for immigrants which has been coming with increasing appeal from the thinly populated regions of the country, over seven-tenths of the aliens who passed through the immigrant stations last year said they were going to settle in already thickly populated centers.

United States Immigration Service Boat

Face To Face - Students Observe The Immigration Process At Ellis Island

They had gone down from the Battery to Ellis Island—these thirty-five girls from an eastern college—on the little vessel that carries into the United States more aliens than any other afloat.

Immigrants Arriving at Ellis Island

The New Ellis Island - Improvements for the Arriving Immigrants

There are few places where the social viewpoint is more concretely and widely expressed than at Ellis Island. Changes in process will affect the comfort of a new million of people each year. Commissioner Watchorn is an official who is adequate to an immense situation.

Emigrants in 'pens' at Ellis Island, New York, probably on or near Christmas --note the decorations

New Immigrants Spend Christmas At Ellis Island

Christmas Eve found sixteen hundred immigrants detained at Ellis Island. Some were waiting for friends who had not appeared, some were penniless, some were ill, families had been separated because of the measles, which, like an evil spirit, had taken possession on shipboard.

Photo 01 -Faith And Hope In The Future - TerrorAndTimidityInThePast

Ellis Island As Seen By The Camera Man

At Ellis Island the subject is viewed from the standpoint of physical inability to work, and the certainty that, too often, the doors of honest labor will be closed in the face of the applicant. The husband must be able to provide for his wife and child; the lover must be made to go through the marriage ceremony and to be able to care for the family, or the department of deportation is put in charge of the case.

Immigrants Respond to Questions at the Inspector's Desk at Ellis Island

The Immigrant Processing At Ellis Island

You may think you can gain some idea about the arrivals at Ellis Island and of the Immigrant, but you never can. You must get a permit, as we did, from the authorities and see for yourself the "human stream that pours from the steerage of every steamship that docks there, into that huge reservoir, Ellis Island."

Immigrants Pouring Into the United States in Search of Work

Government To Find Work For All - The Rush To Ellis Island

THE greatest employment agency in the world has been newly established at Washington. It is conducted by the government, and its business will be to find work for everybody. Jobs for over a million immigrants from foreign lands have to be obtained somehow every year, and Uncle Sam proposes to take general charge of this enormous task.

Christmas at Ellis Island

Christmas at Ellis Island

IT SEEMS to me we all feel a little puckery and as if we had bitten a green persimmon when we think of Ellis Island. There came over last year one million one hundred thousand, and one million the year before—always increasing.

Immigrants Attend Mass at Ellis Island

The Mission Work At Ellis Island

A translation of a clipping from a newspaper printed in the Netherlands. It shows that the work of Mr. Sydney Zandstra, our missionary at Ellis Island, is known and appreciated.

Dutch Family at Ellis Island

A Mother's Story Of Ellis Island

The two women went out into the new land with their burdens, but side by side, and seldom letting out of eye-shot a venturing, wayward boy, who trudged on a little ahead, alive with the immortal hunger of youth.

At Ellis Island: The Ellis, Island representative of the Department of Immigrant Aid

What Jewish Women Are Doing For The Jews At Ellis Island

For the Jewesses, coming from the many lands where they have been victims of persecution and inhumanity, the hopelessness is still more deepened by the torments of memory. For them the sum of possible human misery seems, indeed, complete.

The Battery and Old Castle Garden

The Battery - A Place To While Away An Hour - New York's Battery Park

The best place in town to observe the activities of the Immigrants at Ellis Island. The Battery: A Place To While Away An Hour. One of New York's Interesting Places. Well Worth a Trip of Exploration.

Recently Arrived Immigrants at Ellis Island

The Protection of Immigrants at Ellis Island and Port of New York

Located in these centers are steamship ticket agents, who sell not only the rail ticket to New York, but wherever possible, the steamship ticket which is good for passage when stamped at the general office or dock of the line over which it is sold. Some of these agents also sell, or lead the alien to believe he has paid for, his lodging, 'baggage transfer and guide service to the hotel and dock in New York City.

Main Immigration Building at Ellis Island

Immigrants Going Through Ellis Island in 1913

It is a busy island. Yet in all the rushing hurry and seeming confusion of a full day, in all the babel of language, the excitement and fright and wonder of the thousands of newly-landed, and in all the manifold and endless details that make up the immigration plant, there is system, silent, watchful, swift, efficient.

New Immigrants Walking from Ellis Island

Edison Sheds Light On The Immigrant

The immigrant and the scenes incidental to his admission are said to be picturesque—picturesque, that is, to the onlooker. The immigrant himself, overcome by doubt and uncertainty, finds little to admire in his surroundings, while to those associated with the work the kaleidoscopic scene has long since lost its powers of fascination.

Immigrants at Ellis Island

Immigrant Safety And The Barge Office At Ellis Island

Whether arriving in or leaving the country, it is usually necessary to stop here, often for a day or more. While making arrangements for transportation, or while locating friends in the city, if his home is to be in New York, the new arrival is in 'great need of advice and assistance. Alone and in a strange land, ignorant of the language, he is indeed helpless.

Mrs. Gould, Lieutenant Murray and staff on the stage of the Ellis Island Theatre

A Performance By The Thimble Theatre On Ellis Island

THE Thimble Theatre went a traveling last week. The entire ensemble of last Saturday night followed an invitation of chief clerk, Augustus Sherman, of Ellis Island, and repeated the performance for the benefit of the immigrants detained at present on Ellis Island.

Mr. Frederic C. Howe

Improvements At Ellis Island Inaugurated By Frederic C. Howe

Mr. Howe's recommendations were that the contract, involving the expenditure of one-half million dollars a year, in time of normal immigration, and being very profitable, should not be renewed, and that, instead. the authorities at Ellis Island should purchase the food and prepare and supply it to the immigrants at cost.

Immigrants Arrival at Ellis Island in 1907

Immigrants to the United States: Inspection, Social and Economic Conditions - 1918 (Ellis Island)

The immigrant first comes under the official control of the United States government when he arrives at the port of destination. There are a number of seaports on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts designated by the Bureau as ports of entry for immigrants. Entry at any other ports is illegal.

Ellis Island Dock with Immigrants in Background

Ellis Island From Three Points of View (1918)

The quota of nurses from Base Hospital 33 celebrated Washington's Birthday by entraining at different points for mobilization at Ellis Island, New York. About twenty came from Albany, others from Schenectady, Troy, and some from cantonments where they had been in Army service, while waiting for mobilization. Those of on from Albany were given a very pleasant ovation at the depot by the Red Cross and by our many friends who gathered there to wish us the best of luck. We were generously supplied with bon bons, fruit and flowers and everything our friends could think of to cheer us on our way.

A Corner of the Ellis Island Library

The American Library Association's Work At Ellis Island

The library was moved about a month ago from a little room about twelve feet square to a ward at the extreme end of Third Island. This is a bit remote for some of the patients to reach, but they are cared for in other ways, and the room itself is such a nice one that we are only too grateful to the hospital authorities for moving us.

Commissioner Wallis and Immigrants at Ellis Island at Christmas

New Regime At Ellis Island

By showing them the best brand of United States courtesy and recognizing their need for individual consideration Commissioner Wallace hopes to make the incoming "foreigners" feel an interest and responsibility in America at the very start.

Photo of Gypsies from Servia at Ellis Island

Need for Reforms at Ellis Island Called Urgent (1921)

The general report of this Committee on the subject of immigration adopted by your Board on November 19, 1920, contained a recommendation concerning the improvement and enlargement of facilities for handling immigrants at Ellis Island and the necessity for Congressional appropriations for this purpose.

First View of America

Where Bad Citizens Are Made (1921)

Read this story of what women and children endure at Ellis Island, where many immigrants get their first taste of America. Then, while you are still boiling with the sense of injustice and outraged decency write your congressman that conditions must be changed.

Frederick A. Wallis, Commissioner of Immigration Addresses Immigrants at Ellis Island 1921

At the Portals of America - Post War Ellis Island

This is the sort of work that is being done every day by the recently organized Association Immigrant Guide Service that is helping Commissioner of Immigration Frederick A. Wallis to solve some of the complex problems that have followed the daily inundation of Ellis Island by thousands of immigrants.

Arrival at Ellis Island (1910)

Landing at Ellis Island - Processing the Steerage Passenger

Passing quarantine and the customs officials as the ship comes up the bay, it is warped into its dock, and when the last cabin passenger has gone ashore the steerage people are put into barges and towed away to Ellis Island, where final judgment awaits them.

Immigrants Landing at Ellis Island

Welfare Work at Ellis Island: Conditions for Receiving Immigrants Revolutionized

The United States Bureau of Immigration Volunteer Advisory Committee on Immigrant Welfare, in cooperation with Commissioner Robert E. Tod, has practically completed a thorough survey of Ellis Island with the result that conditions under which immigrants are received and detained at that station, will be largely revolutionized.

Kindergarten Class at Ellis Island

First-Hand Impressions of Ellis Island

The only way to get the real atmosphere and “feeling” of Ellis Island, the great gateway to the United States, is to imagine yourself an immigrant, entering that gate for the first-time. As you come across in the ferryboat and view the dignified, imposing red administration building, you can well imagine, especially if it is your first visit, as it was mine, the impresson the Island makes on the thousands of newcomers each year.


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