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Immigration Archives Deportation of People Seeking Entry Into The United States

  • The Tragedy Of The Excluded Emigrant (1905)
    DOWN on Ellis Island, in New York Harbor, a great human sifting machine is running
    every day, classifying, counting and examining, the thousands who reach our shore each year in this process of judging the human character the inspectors, officers and heads of departments have become such experts that few of the undesirable class slip through the gateway into this land of promise and sunshine.
  • Attractive French Woman Deported after Ten Years in America (1911)
    Interest was aroused yesterday at Ellis Island by the appearance in the deportation pen of a tall, attractive looking French woman, who wore a smart tailor made blue serge costume and a large black picture hat trimmed with white velvet and covered with ostrich plumes which she said cost $150.
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