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Castle Garden, New York Immigrant Landing Station

Landing Immigrants At Castle Garden (1871)

  • A Day At Castle Garden Immigrant Station, 1871
    This will be called out inside in the rotunda, and if she has been on board she will be sent in to you, when there will be any quantity of questions to put and an-swore to make. It certainly is interesting to witness these 'meetings, as I did.
  • The Immigration Process At Castle Garden (1871)
    The State of New York has established a Landing Depot for Immigrants at Castle Garden in the port of New York. The work centering there is done in departments, of which the following description is abridged from a pamphlet on Immigration, by Mr. Friedrich Kapp, late of the Commissioners of Immigration of the State.
  • Ward's Island, New York - Complementing Castle Garden for Immigrants
    The island is the property of the Commissioners of Emigration, containing about 200 acres, and situated in the East River, a few miles from Castle Garden. (1871)
  • The Immigrant Experience at Castle Garden (1877)
    It is a curious fact, by the way, that as many German emigrants come to America via Liverpool as come in the German steamers direct from Hamburg or Bremen. They are conveyed to Hull by water, and thence across England to Liverpool by rail.
  • Castle Garden, Immigrant Landing Station (1883)
    Castle Garden, situated at the foot of the Battery park and on the extreme southern point of Manhattan Island, is now used as the immigrant depot, where those who come from the Old to find homes in the New. World first find a resting-place, and receive their initial and usually erroneous impression of their new home. Article also discusses Commissioners of Emigration, Immigrants, and Ward's Island.
  • A History of Castle Garden Immigration Station (1888)
    The Commissioners of Emigration organized on May 8, 1847. 'Their first official quarters were in the old almshouse building, New York city, where the county courthouse now stands. They remained there until January 19, 1854, when the structure was destroyed by fire.
  • America's Open Gate: Castle Garden May Cease To Be The Immigrant's Landing
    Governor's Island will replace Castle Garden, New York, as the landing place of immigrants arriving in this country at the port of New York. It may take several days yet to determine the legal status of Governor's Island. (1890)
  • Story Behind the Creation of Castle Garden
    Article responds to the questions: Who was the first to propose Castle Garden for the benefit of foreign immigrants? Is the board of management a National or a State organization? How did if originate?
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