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Immigration to Canada

Inspection Card for Steerage Passenger and Immigrant to Canada (1912)

  • Canada's Attitude Toward Immigration (1921)
    The Dominion still wants agricultural immigrants, and aids them with loans, but the United States law restricting immigration complicates the whole problem—Signs that the European tide will seek to make Canada a gateway to the United States.
  • Report on Immigration to Canada (1906)
    As a result of the system of classification which was inaugurated some time ago, a statement is now submitted by the superintendent from which the origin of new arrivals may be readily ascertained. This has involved much careful work of checking on the part of his officers, both at headquarters, at seaports and at the Winnipeg office, which is the main distributing point. However, it may be stated that the figures given are strictly accurate.
  • The Canadian Immigration Law (1910)
    Notwithstanding the fact tiiat Canada makes persistent efforts to promote immigration its law relative to the exclusion of undesirable immigrants is liardly less rigid than that of the United States. In fact the classes excluded under the laws of both countries are nearly identical, as will be seen from the following comparison of such sections of the Canadian law as relate to exclusion with Section 2 of the United States law.
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