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Leviathans of the Deep - Hamburg-American Line - 1905

There seems to be no limit to the possibilities of development in ship-building. This is exemplified in the great vessels constantly being added to the fleet of the Hamburg-American Line. The latest notable addition is the new and gigantic twin-screw steamship " America."

The " America" includes many novel and delightful features heretofore found only in the finest hotels. Modern passenger elevators obviate the necessity of stair-climbing. A restaurant, à la carte, conducted by a prominent restaurateur, enables one to follow his own pleasure as to diet and to entertain his friends at will.

The large staterooms provided with lower berths only, are so roomy and comfortable as to make the term " stateroom " seem hardly appropriate. Great stretches of deck afford opportunity for invigorating promenades. Turkish baths and other metropolitan luxuries are provided. In short, the vessel seems more than a great floating hotel -- it is a floating city.

A glance at this huge vessel would inevitably impress the mind with her ponderous size and stately lines. It is difficult, however, to convey such an impression adequately by mere descriptive and statistical statements.

A word as to dimensions may prove interesting. The " America " is 700 feet long, 74 feet broad, and 53 feet deep ; while her displacement is about 35,000 tons, and her cargo capacity 16,000 tons. A sister ship, the " Kaiserin Auguste Victoria," in course of construction, is 705 feet long, 77 feet broad, and 54 feet deep, with a displacement of about 40.00o tons, and a carrying capacity of 16,000 tons.

These vessels will accommodate about 3,589 passengers. Provision is made for 600 first-class, 300 second-class, and 250 third-class passengers ; while 2,439 will be accommodated in the steerage. Passage to Plymouth and Cherbourg occupies about seven and one-half days, and to Hamburg nine days.

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