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O'Day 37 Yacht: Specifications and Standard Equipment (1977)

Cruising on an O'Day 37






Equipment selections for the O'Day 37 are being finalized as this catalog goes to press in August 1977, and this list must therefore be considered provisional. The first O'Day 37 will sail by January, 1978

O'Day 37 Yacht Specifications (1977)

The O'Day 37 Yacht - Two View of Fun

L. O. A. 37' 0"
L.W. L. 30'4"
Beam 10' 10"
Draft 5'0"
Sail area 582 square feet
Displacement 14,000 lbs.
Ballast 6000 lbs., lead
Masthead above DWL 47' (approximate)
Headroom 6'0"-6' 5"
Propulsion 30-40 h. p. diesel
Fuel capacity 40 gal.
Standard fresh water capacity 120 gal.
Optional fresh water capacity 200 gal.

O'Day 37 Rig Measurements

P2 (Foretriangle hoist) 43.0'
J (Foretriangle base) 15.0'
B (Mainsail base) 14.0'
P (Mainsail hoist) 37.0'

O'Day 37 Schematic


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