O'Day Kitten Sailboat Sales Information and Specifications (1966)

O'Day Kitten Personal Sailboat

The O'Day Kitten is perfect personal sailboat - the lightest boat manufactured by O'Day.

Designed for the beginning sailer but perfect for an experienced sailer who enjoys being out and about, having fun sailing on the lake.


Length: 10' 2"
Beam: 36"
Draft: daggerboard up 2"; down 1'10" Nylon Sail: 42 sq .ft.
Weight Complete: approx. 65 lbs.


Fiberglass hull and deck, alum. mast and boom, hull completely foam filled, alum, hand rails, marine plywood rudder and daggerboard, alum. gunwale guard.

Sales Information:

10' 2" white hull and deck. Complete boat with red, white or blue nylon sail $ 219.00

Source: 1966 O'Day Fleet Catalog and Price List Flyer.

GG Archives REF: BPODY-001-1966-C-CAT

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