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O'Day Day Sailer Sailboat (1967)

O'Day Day Sailer Photo 1967 - Image 1

The boat that launched 10,000 weekends, we call her, but that's an understatement, because today there are nearly 4000 Day Sailers throughout the country.

She exhibits remarkable performance in heavy or light airs, and she has an outboard well, a roomy cockpit and cuddy cabin, and many other fine features.

It wasn't until Uffa Fox designed this fast, stable and comfortable boat that the concept of Family Sailboat Living was born.

Youngsters can sail her, the whole family can race her, and whether you're trailing her to a distant harbor or lake, roller-reefing for a blow, or gliding across a quiet inlet, you'll find the Day Sailer a real introduction to family sailing and a joy to own.O'Day Day Sailers out sailing


O'Day Day Sailer Photo, Image 2


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O'Day Day Sailer at the dock

O'Day Day Sailer in full glory

Enjoying a Summer Day with a smooth sailing O'Day Day Sailer Sailboat

O'Day Day Sailer Diagram of Sailboat

Top and Side Diagrams of the O'Day Day Sailer Sailboat

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