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O'Day International Tempest Sailboat (1967)

The Hull of the O'Day International Tempest

Young in years but an old-timer in the award category, International Tempest has established for herself an enviable reputation in a very short time.

This 22', two-man keelboat won every race she entered in the Holland Trials during the year of her birth, after which she was approved for fiberglass production by the International Yacht Racing Union.

Designed by Britain's Ian Proctor, the International Tempest has, in the words of those who have raced her, "terrific speed", "remarkably high maneuverability" and is "a top-performing planing keel boat."

O'Day was first to test International Tempest's prototype in this country, and is approved by Lloyd's of London to build her in the United States and Canada.

In the first national championship held for her class, 26 out of 35 International Tempests entered were built by O'Day, and O'Day boats won eight out of nine first places. Another recent win for O'Day was first, second and third places in the Long Island Sound Championships.

It's smooth sailing with an O'Day International Tempest Sailboat

International Tempest has a 500-lb. retractable fin keel and a unique bendy rig with 247 square feet of sail plus spinnaker. Special high strength extrusions for the mast and boom bend to a large degree under sail.

Theoretically, says designer Proctor, this should destroy the airfoil shape of the sail and reduce efficiency, but in the case of International Tempest, this "broken rule of sail design has resulted in really outstanding performance.

Riding high on the waves on the O'Day International Tempest



Diagram of the O'Day International Tempest Sailboat

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Riding high on the waves on the O'Day International Tempest

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