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O'Day Mariner Sailboat with Specifications and Standard Features (1967)

The O'Day Mariner using alternate Outboard Motor Propulsion

Mariner might be the roomiest 19-footer afloat … a happy combination of day sailer, racer and overnight cruiser.

The perfect balance between her proven hull design and seven-eighths sail plan provide maneuverability, speed and ease of handling seldom found in a boat that's comfortable for six by day and equipped to cruise four.

All lines and headsails are handled from the cockpit -- an advantage for the novice maneuvering in small areas. A simple boom tent converts the cockpit to sleep two, and there are two full-sized berths below.

Mariner is available with 415-lb. keel or centerboard with 200 lbs. of inside lead ballast. Both models are easily trailed; one person can launch her and step the mast.

The O'Day Mariner Sailboat



Top and Side Diagrams of the O'Day Mariner Sailboat

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View of the O'Day Mariner Forward Compartment

A vinyl cabin enclosure which can be shut off and locked is included as standard equipment.

GG Archives REF: BPODY-002-1967-C-CAT

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