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O'Day 30 Yacht: Standard Equipment and Specifications (1977)

O'Day 30 Sailboat - Enjoying a Cruise






Specifications shown in this catalog are subject to change without notice. Some photos may show optional or special equipment and accessories used as photographic props.

O'Day builds boats from 12' to 37' in three distinct lines: Daysailers and Weekenders (the O'Day 12, Widgeon, Javelin, DaySailer and Mariner); Trailerable Cruisers (the O'Day 20, 22, 23 and 25); Yachts (the O'Day 27, 30, 32 and 37).

Free brochures are available on each of these three lines from dealers or from O'Day. Full size architectural drawings are available directly from O'Day on Cruisers and Yachts (the 20 through the 37) at a cost of $5 per set per boat.

O'Day 30 Yacht Specifications (1977)

The O'Day 30 Yacht

L.O.A. 29'-11" (9.12M)
L. W. L. 25'-5" (7.74M)
Beam 10'-9" (3.28M)
Draft (keel) 4'-11" (1.50M)
Draft (centerboard up) 3'-6" (2.18M)
Draft (centerboard down) 7'-2"
Sail area 441.3 sq. ft. (41.0 sq. M)
Displacement (keel) 10,500 lbs. (4775K)
Displacement (centerboard) 11,000 lbs. (5000K)
Ballast (keel) 4200 lbs. (1909K)
Ballast (centerboard) 4700 lbs. (2136K)
Mast above water 44'-0" (13.42M)

O'Day 30 Rig Measurements

P2 (Foretriangle hoist) 39.75' (12.12M)
J (Foretriangle base) 13.50' (4.11M)
P (Mainsail hoist) 33. 75' (10. 29M)
B (Mainsail bas ) 10. 25' (3.12M)

O'Day 30 Schematic


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