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O'Day Tempest Sailboat Standard Features and Specifications (1967)

The O'Day Tempest Sailboat

"Give us a fast racing boat," came the challenge, "that's a family boat, too." Not a simple task, but we found the answer in Tempest, and she soon established a name for herself in day sailing, one design racing and long and short cruising.

Designed by Philip L. Rhodes to O'Day's specifications, Tempest combines a hull of medium displacement that's easily driven with a full masthead rig for the most efficient performance under any sailing conditions.

The fin keel and spade rudder make her extremely fast, very responsive to the helm. Extra beam stability reduces the need for shortening sail except in the heaviest breeze.

View of the O'Day Tempest Sailboat

A large cockpit and a simple boom tent make room for four in two separate cabins.

Compare her standard features — sail her — and you won't be satisfied until you own her.

View of Outboard Motor Well on the O'Day Tempest Sailboat


View of the O'Day Tempest Sailboat at full sail

That's the O'Day Tempest—237" of spacious, speedy, easy-to-handle
sailboat. Designed by world-famous designer Philip Rhodes, the Tempest
provides big-boat comfort with a generous 8' self-bailing cockpit. There are
man-sized V-berths forward and, with boom tent, ample cockpit area for additional sleeping facilities.
Cinch-like handling and remarkable speed come naturally to a Tempest. O'Day built her durable one-piece glassed together deck and hull with a fin keet and spade rudder. And, her 7'8" beam makes her amazingly stable . . . cuts the need for shortening sail in heavy air.
Inside is a separate head enclosure and galley area. A molded in insulated
ice box is under the cockpit seat. There's plenty of storage space in
her forepeak and seat lockers.


View of the Forward Compartment on the O'Day Tempest Sailboat

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Top and Side Diagrams of the O'Day Tempest Sailboat

There's a Tempest at your O'Day dealers right now. Come in and see what breezy sailing is all about. For information on class association, write us.

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