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O'Day Interclub IC Sailboat (1967)

The Interclub IC Sailboat looks great and seat two comfortably

This unassuming boat hides, behind a simple single-sail exterior, the heart of one of the fastest little giants on the frostbite racing circuit.

O'Day's Interclub is the only approved fiberglass model of the Sparkman & Stephens (designers of the Intrepid) design, putting all of the charm of the original dinghy into an updated, contemporary package that's extremely dry and stable.

One look at the roster is enough to convince any frostbite fan (or casual sailor, for that matter) of her popularity, with fleets at Larchmont, N.Y., Marblehead, Mass., Manshasset, N.Y., the New York Maritime Academy, Harvard University, M.I.T. and elsewhere.



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