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Abstract of Log, Cunard Line RMS Andania, Westbound Voyage No. 12, 1923

The Abstract of Logs were typically postcard sized souvenirs of the voyage passed out to the passengers at the end of the voyage. This one was for a Westbound Transatlantic Voyage from London, Southampton and Cherbourg to the Canadian ports of Quebec and Montreal.

Voyage 12, Abstract of Log of the Cunard RMS “Andania"

Captain: E. T. Britten, R.D., R.N.R.

From London, Southampton and Cherbourg to Quebec and Montreal

1923 Distance Latitude Longitude Remarks.
07-Jun   N. W. At 7.38 a.m. (G.111.'1), left Company' s Wharf, London.
At 9.39 a.m. (G.M.T.), left Gravesend.
08-Jun 80 To Cherbourg At 5.57 a.m. (G.M.T.). arrived Southampton.
At 3.49 p.m.(G.M.T.), left Southampton.
At 8.2 p.m. (G.M.T), arrived Cherbourg.
At 8.46 p.m. (G.M.T.). left Cherbourg.
09-Jun 224 49 56 7'14 Strong Breeze, rough sea, overcast and clear, ship pitching and sp_____ forward
10-Jun 300 50'44 14'_. Gale winds, rery high sea, cloudy, ship pitching violently.
11-Jun 357 51.04 24'22 Moderate breeze, cloudy and fine, westerly swell, moderating.
12-Jun 368 50'26 34'1 Moderate breeze and sea, overcast with hazy horizon.
13-Jun 353 49'7 42'_ Moderate breeze and sea, overcast with hazy horizon.
14-Jun 210 47'47 47 7 Light breeze, slight sea, fog.
15-Jun 49 47'46 49'00  Calm and fog, smooth sea.
16-Jun 362 46.55 57'24 Moderate breeze, slight sea, clear and fine.
17-Jun 370 49'17 65'48  Calm, clear and fine weather.
17-Jun 116 to Father Point At 11.41 p.m. (G. M.T.) arrived Father Point

Cherbourg to Father Point—Length of passage 9dys. 2hrs. 55mins.

Average speed 13'88 knots.

Note: Since they arrived after 8 p.m. the passengers would have disemarked on the 18th of June, 1923.

Abstract of Log, Cunard Line RMS Andania 1923

Front (Above) Abstract of Log - Reverse side (Below) Shows an illustration of the Steamship Andania of the Cunard Line Candian Service.

Abstract of Log - Reverse Side - Illustration of RMS Andania

Information about Document

  • Title: Abstract of Log
  • Date: 17 June 1923
  • Dimensions: 10.4 x 16.5


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