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As our website celebrates its 19th Year online, the weight of the original structure has shown its advancing age. In 2018, we began to plan and start implementing a significant reorganization of the GG Archives into 12 topical sections. We expect this massive undertaking to be completed within 2-3 years. With this reorganization, our content is expected to increase tenfold.

Our Planned Top-Level Topical Sections

  1. About Us (Expanded)
  2. Bangor Punta Marketing Collection
  3. Epicurean (Recipes, Vintage Menus, and Cooking)
  4. Entertainment
  5. FAQs
  6. Immigration & Steerage (Includes Passenger Lists)
  7. Library (Cataloging All Books, Brochures, Newsletters, Newspapers, Magazines, etc. including all categories included in this list.)
  8. Military (Army, Navy, WW1, WW2)
  9. Ocean Travel (Travel Articles, Steamship & Ocean Liner Travel Brochures, Ports of Call, RMS Titanic, Steamship Lines)
  10. Vintage Fashions [Completed 2018-08-28]
  11. WPA (Works Progress Administration)
  12. Home Page / Gift Shop

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