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Contact us by e-mail (Preferred):

General Inquiries:

U.S. Navy Inquiries: for Navy Archives inquiries (For US Navy Veterans, Active Duty Personnel and their families): Do not contact us to help you find a Recruit Yearbook. See Finding United States Navy Boot Camp Graduation Books

Sharing Your Historical Documents: Have images, documents or publications you'd like to share with the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives? Please contact us at and let us know what you have and the format it is in. Thank you again for your kind contribution to preserving the past for future generations. You can contribute images of your documents or the actual documents themselves. So please allow us to help others by sharing your unique brochures, booklets, documents, photographs, or other ephemera.

Contact us by Mail:

Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives

2158 Wilmington Circle NE
Marietta, GA 30062

Call us at 678-744-4952 NOTE: We only pick up calls that have sent us an email first. Be sure and include your phone number that you will be calling from along with a brief summary of your question.

We are a private historical archives that receives no public funding. Our resources are very limited and we often receive in excess of 100 emails per day. Having an accurate and precise subject line can make the difference between receiving a response and having your email deleted or ignored.

We have a "Five-Minute" rule for responding to email inquiries. If we think we can compose a response in five minutes, we make every effort to do so. Unfortunately we lack the resources to respond to inquiries too detailed or complex.

The Future of Our Past

We would love to provide everything for free, but our management prefers that our website remain in operation for future generations. Otherwise, we risk becoming a part of the past as well.

Five-Minute Response Rule

We respond to emails using a five-minute rule as a guide. If the question can be answered in five minutes, your likelyhood of a response increases substantially. If your query is complex or will likely take some research time, we recommend summiting your question to a genealogy related blog to obtain a response.

While we appreciate your business, we are currently not accepting new research clients.

Purchasing Materials from the Archives

If you wish to purchase images, copies of materials or original historical documents (if we have a duplicate), please contact us by e-mail at and be sure to include the URL of the page that the item appears on. We will invoice you and send the material once payment has cleared. Payments via PayPal our preferred and is the fastest way to receive your purchase. Major credit cards are accepted (via PayPal). Wire transfers require additional fees.

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