Educational Monographs from the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives

The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives is producing several Monographs that cover specific topics of interest to our patrons. This provides you with valuable information and insight from over two decades of operating a historical archive, researching family history, collecting rare and archival books, and examining original documents.

Each Monograph is designed as a topical standalone "How To" guide of approximately ten pages containing information, tips, and resources complete with illustrations. Sponsored Monographs will be distributed free of charge in our GG Archives Publications section. Sponsorless Monographs will be available for a nominal fee of $5.

Our Target Dates for Publication are 1Q 2021, 3Q 2021, and 1Q 2022

Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives Planned Monograph Series

  • Supplementing Your Family History With Materials from the GG Archives
    Publishing a Family History book is often a thankless task. They're filled with facts, dates, a few photos of relatives, and some random documents. Many of these books end up collecting dust in the attic rather than being proudly displayed in the living room bookshelf. Ephemera and historical photographs, used strategically to fill-in where actual documents are lost or missing can make a huge difference in the readabilty and likeability of your next version of the Family History Book.
  • Buying and Selling Historical Documents, Brochures, Passenger Lists, and More!
    Before the GG Archives existed, GG family members have been collectors for generations. Before the internet, I collected maritime ephemera, the old fashioned way - catalogs from memorabilia dealers, estate sales, garage sales, and the countless antique shops and flea markets. The internet simply made finding things potentially more accessible, and perhaps, a bit more frustrating.
  • Understanding Passenger Lists and Related Documents
    The lions share of questions we receive involve passenger lists, passenger manifests, and all the related travel documents your ancestor probably had at one point in immigrating to the United States.


Note to Advertisers: We allow one sponsorship per Monograph. This includes an about our sponsor page, appended to the PDF that includes live links and your name and tag line on the footer of each page. Contact us at to sponsor a specific Monograph.

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