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Educational Monographs from the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives

The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives is producing a number of Monographs that cover specific topics of interest to our patrons. We are offering these Monographs to our patrons at a very low cost of $5 each. This provides you with valuable information and insight from two decades of operating an historical archives, researching family history, collecting rare and historical books, and examining original documents.

Each Monograph is designed as a topical standalone "How To" guide of approximately ten pages containing information, tips, and resources complete with illustrations.

Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives Monograph Series
Series Monograph Topic Publication Date Sponsorship
PDF 001 Finding Information About A Steamship TBD Available
PDF 002 Finding Your Ancestors In The Passenger Lists TBD Available
PDF 003 Supplementing Your Family History With Social History TBD Available
PDF 004 Guide to Collecting Titanic Memorabilia TBD Available
PDF 005 Researching Your Ancestor's Immigration Through Ellis Island TBD Available
PDF 006 Buying and Selling Historical Documents, Brochures, Passenger Lists And More. TBD Available
PDF 007 Understanding Passenger Lists and Related Documents TBD Available
PDF 008 Works Progress Administration - The WPA Work Program TBD Available
PDF 009 Finding or Replacing Your Naval Training Center Graduation Book TBD Available
PDF 010 Using Images From The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives to Illustrate Your Family History Book TBD Available
PDF 011 Researching Historical Fashions During The Peak Immigration Years: 1880-1917 TBD Available
PDF 012 Life in Steerage: The Immigrant Voyage To America TBD Available


Note to Advertisers: We allow one sponsorship per Monograph. This includes an about our sponsor page, appended to the PDF that includes live links and your name and tag line on the footer of each page. Contact us at to sponsor a specific Monograph.

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