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Fabre Line Passenger Lists

Fabre Line Passenger Lists - GG Archives

Fabre Line Passenger Lists available at the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives that have been transcribed and uploaded.

Fabre Lines (Compagnie de Navigation Cyprien-Fabre) ports of call included New York, Providence, Horta, Angra (Angra do Heroísmo), Ponta Delgada, Lisbon, Barcelona, Marseilles, Algiers, Naples, and Nice.

Established in 1911, the “Fabre Line” a French steamship company of Marseilles, France, turned the Port of Providence into one of the major immigrant arrival destinations in America.

Fabre Line of steamers carrying freight and passengers, sail about every ten days. Steamers include Santa Ana, Venezia, Madonna, Roma, Germania, Provincia. Gallia, Massilia.

Ports of Call: Azores, Madeira, Lisbon, Algiers. Palermo, Naples, Monaco, Marseilles, Alexandria, Jaffa, Haifa, Beirut, Piraeus. Salonica, Smyrna, Constantinople, Constanza, and more.

1913-06-17 Passenger List for the T.S.S. Sant Anna

1913-06-17 Ships List for the T.S.S. Sant Anna

  • Steamship Line: Fabre Line
  • Steamship: T.S.S. Sant Anna
  • Class of Passengers: Cabin
  • Date of Departure: 17 June 1913
  • Route: New York to the Mediterranean via Naples and Marseilles
  • Commander: Captain François Pavy
1914-04-16 Passenger List for the T.S.S. Canada

1914-04-16 Passenger List for the T.S.S. Canada

  • Steamship Line: Fabre Line
  • Steamship: T.S.S. Canada
  • Class of Passengers: First Class
  • Date of Departure: 16 April 1914
  • Route: Special Winter Voyage from New York to the Mediterranean calling at Algiers, Naples, Villefranche and Marseilles
  • Commander: Captain Victor Bouleuc
Front Cover, Passenger List S.S. Patria 1928

1928-02-11 Ships List from the S.S. Patria

  • Steamship Line: Fabre Line
  • Steamship: S.S. Patria
  • Class of Passengers: First Class
  • Date of Departure: 11 February 1928
  • Route: Marseilles to New York via Naples and Palermo
  • Commander: Captain Juste Tempesti
1929-07-02 Ships List for the S.S. Providence

1929-07-02 Ships List from the S.S. Providence

  • Steamship Line: Fabre Line
  • Steamship: S.S. Providence
  • Class of Passengers: First and Second Class
  • Date of Departure: 2 July 1929
  • Route: New York to Marseilles via Boston, Ponta Delgada, Lisbon, Naples, Palermo, Piraeus, Beirut, and Malta
  • Commander: Captain Laurent Vidal

Cruising on the Fabre Line

A cruise along the Mediterranean — the sun-kissed Azure sea—Can one picture a greater delight, a more glorious prospect? A trip to Europe, attractive in itself, is made doubly enjoyable by following the ever verdant, laughing shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Fabre Line is particularly well equipped to take you over this route, and to offer you a glorious passage amid the most favorable conditions. Its steamers are built expressly with a view to this service and embody all the comforts and appliances suggested by a long experience in this trade.

Of its fleet of passenger steamers, the Fabre Line has several steamers with three classes. They each have seven decks, two of which are sheltered promenade decks.

All their installations have been carried out with faultless taste, with the object of conveying to their passengers the fullest impression of home comfort during their stay on board.

With few exceptions all the first class cabins are on the outside, bright and roomy, receiving ventilation and light directly from the promenade decks, and are provided with wardrobes, running water, telephone and table lamps.

There are, moreover, numerous private and general bathrooms, commodious writing and reading saloons, an elegant smoking room, two café balconies, and ample deck space for either exercise or rest on deck chairs in sheltered spots.

Excellent French cooking, copious and choice menus, with free table beverages. Orchestra, moving pictures, wireless with the world’s news daily.

These vessels have monthly sailings between New York, Boston, Azores, Lisbon, Palermo, Naples and Marseilles, and vice-versa. Travelers wintering either on the Riviera or in Italy have the choice of disembarking or embarking at Palermo, Naples or Marseilles, within easy reach of their place of sojourn.

A regular service is thus assured to the Riviera and Naples and Palermo, a feature which will be appreciated by all travelers making winter tours in Southern France, Italy and Sicily.

With a view to meeting the wishes of patrons of limited means, the Fabre Line has organized a service of single-class ships, corresponding to the cheaper first-class and providing real comfort at greatly reduced rates.

The greatest possible care is given on these boats, to the cooking and general service; the cabins are roomy, airy and all outside.

This service is suggested as eminently suitable for tour groups, pilgrims and families. These steamers run from New York to Marseilles via the Near East.

They thus provide a round trip in the Eastern Mediterranean which is certain to appeal strongly to the tourist affording a splendid trip in the south-east Mediterranean, under most comfortable conditions and at exceedingly reasonable rates.

Every Winter the Fabre Line organizes cruising trips with its best liners. The starting point of these cruises is New York, but due to special facilities, passengers visiting Europe may also embark either at Marseilles or at Naples, or in fact any of the ports of call, in order to join the cruising vessel before the commencement of her trip in the Eastern Mediterranean.

At all ports of call the Company has organized excursions of a most interesting nature and most carefully planned, which includes a delightful stay in the Holy Land and Egypt.

As a general summary, the service to the Mediterranean of the Fabre Line includes all of the principal ports — the Azores, Madeira, Lisbon, Algiers, Palermo, Messina, Naples, Monaco, Marseilles, Alexandria, Haifa, Jaffa, Beirut, Piraeus, Salonica, Constantinople, Constanza, with regular sailings to and from the United States throughout the year.

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