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SS California Passenger List - 20 August 1930

Front Cover, SS California Passenger List - 20 August 1930

The White House at Night is Shown on the Front Cover of a Cabin and Tourist Class Passenger List from the SS California of the Anchor Line, Departing Wednesday, 20 August 1930 from Glasgow to New York via Belfast and Moville, Commanded by Captain Robert Smart. GGA Image ID # 159394ff82. Alamy

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain Robert Smart
  2. Chief Officer: Thos. W. Hawley
  3. Surgeon: W. Best
  4. Purser: T. K. McGregor
  5. Chief Steward: Archibald Woodrow

Colorized Postcard of the TSS "California" of the Anchor Line. The Original Owner, Patricia J. Moll, Inscribed "Our Ship Going Home August 20, 1930,"

Colorized Postcard of the TSS "California" of the Anchor Line. The Original Owner, Patricia J. Moll, Inscribed "Our Ship Going Home August 20, 1930," on the Back of the Postally Unsed Postcard. SS California was a British 16,792 GRT steam turbine ocean liner that was built in Glasgow in 1923 for Henderson Brothers (Anchor Line). The California carried passengers between Glasgow and New York via Londonderry (Derry) and Boston. The ship was destroyed in the North Atlantic by a Luftwaffe air attack in 1943. GGA Image ID # 149bfb02ff (Front); and, GGA Image ID # 149c0979f6 (Back)

Back Side of Anchor Line TSS California Postcard from 1920.

Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. Arthur Aitkenhead
  2. Mrs. Aitkenhead
  3. Miss Isabelle Aitkenhead
  4. Miss Lillian Aitkenhead
  5. Miss Arlyne Aitkenhead
  6. Mrs. Catherine Agnew
  7. Mrs. W. W. Anderson
  8. Miss Francis Anderson
  9. Miss Pauline Anderson
  10. Mrs. R. Andrew
  11. Miss Margt. Andrew
  12. Miss Mary Bailiie
  13. Miss Margaret Ball
  14. Miss Jane A. Beath
  15. Miss Lena w. Beath
  16. Miss Louisa M. Beath
  17. Mr. William w. Beath
  18. Miss Evelyn w. Beattie
  19. Mr. G. E. O. Bell
  20. Mrs. M. Binger
  21. Mr. J. W. Bond
  22. Mrs. Bond
  23. Mr. John Bothwell
  24. Mr. Edward Bourne
  25. Mrs. Bourne
  26. Mrs. Boyd
  27. Miss Branch
  28. Miss Anne Brezler
  29. Rev. James Bristow
  30. Mrs. Bristow
  31. Mr. Fred Brown
  32. Mrs. F. C. Rose Brown
  33. Dr. S. G. A. Brown
  34. Mrs. Brown
  35. Miss Lilly Brownlie
  36. Miss Mary E. Burgoyne
  37. Miss Jessie Burr
  38. Dr. C. C. Butler
  39. Mrs. Butler
  40. Mrs. Mary Cable
  41. Mrs. M. E. Caldwell
  42. Master William Caldwell
  43. Master James Caldwell
  44. Rev. Dr. Thomas Campbell
  45. Mrs. Campbell
  46. Mrs. Francis Carlisle
  47. Mrs. S. Carroll
  48. Miss May E. Chamberlain
  49. Mr. Alexander Charles
  50. Mrs. Charles
  51. Mrs. Florence Chickering
  52. Miss Katherine Cockcroft
  53. Mr. Mark Cohen
  54. Miss H. E. Coleman
  55. Miss G. Coleman
  56. Mrs. R. Collins
  57. Miss E. R. Cook
  58. Mr. Alexander Cooper
  59. Miss Edith Cowen
  60. Miss S. Cox
  61. Mrs. E. D. Cranes
  62. Mr. J. T. Crawley
  63. Mrs. Crawley
  64. Miss Margaret Crawley
  65. Miss Marion Crawley
  66. Mr. Robert Crombie
  67. Mrs. Crombie
  68. Miss Grace H. Cunningham
  69. Miss Gladys Cunningham
  70. Dr. Edward Cussler
  71. Mrs. Cussler
  72. Mr. Robert C. Cussler
  73. Miss Blanche Haddow
  74. Miss Mabel Hageneyer
  75. Mr. Robert Hamilton
  76. Mr. William Hamilton
  77. Miss Eleanor Hammond
  78. Mr. J. Arthur Hammond
  79. Miss E. Hanna
  80. Miss E. L. Hanna
  81. Mrs. H. N. Harley
  82. Mr. George Hart
  83. Mrs. Gertrude Hastings
  84. Miss Martha Hastings
  85. Miss Ruth Hendrick
  86. Miss Ruth E. Hickey
  87. Miss Elizabeth Hickey
  88. Mrs. M. A. Hickson
  89. Miss Olga Hingsbury
  90. Mrs. Hoge
  91. Mrs. A Hope
  92. Miss Annie Hope
  93. Miss Roselle D. Hughes
  94. Mrs. M. Hyde
  95. Mr. H. Jacobberger
  96. Miss Gertrude Jennings
  97. Miss forinne Jennings
  98. Dr. John H. Jentz
  99. Mrs. Jentz
  100. Master Donald Jentz
  101. Mr. J. Hugh Johnson
  102. Mrs. Johnson
  103. Mrs. Alice Johnston
  104. Miss Alice Johnstone
  105. Mr. Morgan Jones
  106. Mrs. Jones
  107. Miss Janabeth Jones
  108. Miss Helen Jones
  109. Mr. Morgan Jones, Jr.
  110. Mr. Tom Jones
  111. Master Grant Jones
  112. Miss Ethel Keckefoth
  113. Mr. Robert Keenan
  114. Mrs. Kelley
  115. Mrs. Alice Kelly
  116. Miss Kathleen C. Kelly
  117. Mrs. M. H. Kelly
  118. Miss Catherine Kelly
  119. Miss Cecilia Kelly
  120. Miss Sarah Kelly
  121. Miss Nancy Kelly
  122. Mrs. M. Keter
  123. Miss Mae Keter
  124. Miss Ruth Keter
  125. Miss Rae Kingsbaker
  126. Mr. Patrick R. Kinney
  127. Mrs. Kinney
  128. Miss Eileen Kinney
  129. Miss Margaret Kirlly
  130. Miss Agnes Kirlly
  131. Miss Maude Kirlan
  132. Mr. A. H. D. Klie
  133. Mr. Leo F. Knicks
  134. Mrs. Knicks
  135. Miss Catherine W. Knicks
  136. Miss Jane Knox
  137. Miss M. Reuma Krater
  138. Mr. William Kubel
  139. Mrs. Kubel
  140. Mr. Hugh C. Laughjin
  141. Mrs. I. L. C. Lane
  142. Rev. w. G.. Letham
  143. Miss Rose W. Lewis
  144. Mr. W. H. Lyford
  145. Mrs. Lyford
  146. Miss S. McAlpine
  147. Miss A. G. McCarron
  148. Rev. Henry A. McCracken
  149. Mr. Alexander McCrea
  150. Mrs. McCréa
  151. Mr. Forbes McCreery
  152. Mrs. McCreery
  153. Mr. Forbes McCreery, Jr.
  154. Mr. Henry Forbes McCreety II.
  155. Miss Agnes Macdonald
  156. Mr. J. C. Macdonald
  157. Mr. J. R. McGuire
  158. Miss Mary McGuire
  159. Miss Ann McKay
  160. Miss H. P. McKay
  161. Mr. T. L. Mackenzie
  162. Master Jobn McLean
  163. Mrs. Rose McMaster
  164. Rev. Owen McMullen
  165. Rev. Michael McNamee
  166. Mr. Charles Martindale
  167. Mrs. Martindale
  168. Dr. William Mason
  169. Mr. John Melrose
  170. Mrs. A. Miller
  171. Mrs. N. Miller
  172. Miss Lila M. Mills
  173. Miss Patricia Molt (Patricia J. Moll per Signature on Postcard)
  174. Rev. Thomas Mooney
  175. Miss Mary J. Mooney
  176. Miss Sarah J. Morgan
  177. Mrs. H. B. Morse, Jr.
  178. Master Robert Morse III.
  179. Mrs. H. Mosier
  180. Miss Cora Mowbray
  181. Miss Helen Muhlfeld
  182. Mrs. E. Neely
  183. Mr. s. Ninomya
  184. Mrs. F. A. Noeswith
  185. Miss E. A. O’Brien
  186. Rev. Father James 0’Flanagan
  187. Miss Catherine O’Meara
  188. Miss Elizabeth O’Meara
  189. Miss Lene Olill
  190. Mrs. E. Olson
  191. Miss Eva Pearce
  192. Miss G. Pearsall
  193. Mrs. E. A. Peterson
  194. Miss Mary S. Petrie
  195. Mrs. Phillips
  196. Miss Josephine Pinkham
  197. Miss Dana Powell
  198. Miss Theresa Puseman
  199. Miss J. M. Rice
  200. Miss Lydia Reed
  201. Mr. F. J. Reilly
  202. Miss Ellen A. Reilly
  203. Miss M. D. Reilly
  204. Miss Elizabeth Rennie
  205. Mr. William Ritchie
  206. Mrs. Ritchie
  207. Miss Elizabeth Ritchie
  208. Miss Catherine Ritchie
  209. Mrs. E. D. Robertson
  210. Miss Eliese Robertson
  211. Mrs. L. M. Robin
  212. Miss H. Rogers
  213. Miss E. j. Ryan
  214. Mrs. M. Rymer
  215. Mrs. F. A. Sapp
  216. Miss Marion Sapp
  217. Miss Maud G. Sayers
  218. Miss Jean Schad
  219. Mrs. B. A. Schipek
  220. Mrs. J. Scott
  221. Miss Winova Scott
  222. Mrs. c. H. Scull
  223. Miss Emma Seri
  224. Miss Lillian M. Shaffner
  225. Mr. B. Share
  226. Mrs. Share
  227. Master Seymour Share
  228. Master Jack Share
  229. Master Stanley Sliare
  230. Miss Helen K. Sheehan
  231. Miss Anna B. Sheppard
  232. Miss M. C. Sheridan
  233. Miss M. L. Sheridan
  234. Mr. William Sherrard
  235. Miss Sarah Skewis
  236. Mr. Frank Skillern
  237. Miss Eleanor Skinner
  238. Miss Margaret Skinner
  239. Mrs. Smith Miss A. Smith
  240. Rev. Father Hugh M. Smith
  241. Miss M. G. Starkey
  242. Mr. John Steven
  243. Mr. Duncan Stewart
  244. Mrs. M. Stewart
  245. Mr. John F. Stock
  246. Mr. Fred. B. Stock
  247. Mr. G. N. Stone
  248. Mr. W. P. Stone
  249. Mrs. Stone
  250. Mrs. H. F. Street
  251. Miss Mary F. Street
  252. Miss A. B. Stubblebine
  253. Mrs. C. Swinton
  254. Mr. Harold Syvertsen
  255. Mrs. Syvertsen
  256. Miss Anna Syvertsen
  257. Mr. R. Tada
  258. Mrs. M. Toale
  259. Miss Bertha Todd
  260. Miss Mary Towers
  261. Mrs. Tweedy
  262. Miss Mary S. Van Vorst
  263. Mr. Harold Voss
  264. Miss Mary J. Walsh
  265. Mr. William H. Walsh
  266. Mrs. E. G. Warner
  267. Miss Helen K. Warner
  268. Mr. H. S. Warren
  269. Mrs. Warren
  270. Mr. Doran M. Warren
  271. Master Quentin L. Warren
  272. Miss Anna R. Weaver
  273. Miss Lucille Wells
  274. Mr. Stanley Went
  275. Mrs. Went
  276. Miss Evelyn Wilder
  277. Mr. Edward L. Will
  278. Captain A. L. Williams
  279. Miss M. Williamson
  280. Mrs. w. H. Williamson
  281. Miss Mary Williamson
  282. Mrs. M. Wishart
  283. Miss L. Doris Wood
  284. Miss Fannie B. Wright

Back Cover, SS California Passenger List - 20 August 1930

The TSS California Displayed on the Back Cover of a Cabin and Tourist Class Passenger List from the SS California of the Anchor Line, Departing Wednesday, 20 August 1930 from Glasgow to New York via Belfast and Moville, Commanded by Captain Robert Smart. GGA Image ID # 1593c4e990

Tourist Third Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. Mary Adams
  2. Mr. Robert Joseph Aitcheson
  3. Mrs. Cherrie Aitcheson
  4. Mrs. Margt. Alexander
  5. Mr. Douglas S. Alford
  6. Miss Bertha Allison
  7. Miss Eliz. Allyn
  8. Miss Ethel H. Anderson
  9. Mr. Charles W. Arnold
  10. Mr. Thomas Auld
  11. Miss La Verne Barnes
  12. Miss Thelma I. Barnes
  13. Miss Margaret Barry
  14. Mrs. Anna Bartley
  15. Miss Ida F. Bastian
  16. Miss Mary Beckett
  17. Miss Tolie N. Benedict
  18. Miss Anna H. Bessler
  19. Miss Lena Bishop
  20. Mr. John James Black
  21. Miss Mary Black
  22. Mrs. Bella Blair
  23. Miss Clara K. Bleck
  24. Miss Catherine Boag
  25. Miss Alice V. Bosseman
  26. Miss Emily C. Boyer
  27. Rev. Father M. J. Boylan
  28. Rev. Father John F. Brady
  29. Mrs. Alice Brasnell
  30. Mrs. Elliott Brewer
  31. Miss Carroll Lee Brewer
  32. Miss Sarah Brewster
  33. Mr. Thornton H. Brooks
  34. Miss Ruth Brookshire
  35. Mr. George Brown
  36. Mrs. Brown
  37. Miss Sarah Brown
  38. Mr. David A. Bruce
  39. Miss Helen Bruce
  40. Mr. George R. Bryan
  41. Miss Ella F. Bull
  42. Miss Roberta Burgert
  43. Mrs. Mary Burness
  44. Miss H. Calder
  45. Mrs. Jean Cameron
  46. Mrs. Jennie Cameron
  47. Mr. Arthur Campbell
  48. Mrs. Mabel Campbell
  49. Miss Hattie M. Campbell
  50. Mrs. Bynam Campbell
  51. Miss Williamina Campbell
  52. Miss Rose A. Carragher
  53. Miss E. Cathcart
  54. Mr. Russell Childs
  55. Mr. Gordon Clennell
  56. Miss T. B. Cobb
  57. Miss Evelyn D. Cobb
  58. Mr. J. Frank Coffman
  59. Mrs. J. Frank Coffman
  60. Mrs. Margt. Connelly
  61. Mr. Ped Conway
  62. Mr. Lawrence Cook
  63. Mrs. Katherine Cook
  64. Master William Cook
  65. Miss A. Emily Cooper
  66. Miss Margt. M. Craik
  67. Miss Helen Croll
  68. Mrs. Charlotte M. Curling
  69. Mrs. Eliz. Currie
  70. Mr. Archibald Davis
  71. Miss Mary Day
  72. Mr. Thos. Devlin
  73. Mr. Lee Diamond
  74. Mrs. Mary Dillin
  75. Miss Patricia Dillon
  76. Mr. Chas. Doig
  77. Mrs. Jean Doig
  78. Miss Margaret Donnelly
  79. Mrs. Margaret Donnelly
  80. Miss Margt. Doran
  81. Miss Mary Duffy
  82. Miss Margt. D. Duggan
  83. Miss Marion Dunbar
  84. Miss Bessie Duncan
  85. Miss Nessie Duncan
  86. Miss Frances E. Dunstan
  87. Miss Mary E. Dunstant
  88. Miss Kate Easton
  89. Miss Jessie Ednie
  90. Mrs. Mary M. Eichhorn
  91. Mrs. R. Bertha Epstein
  92. Mrs. Jane Ewing
  93. Mr. Axel J. Eyberg
  94. Mrs. Helen K. Fairbairn
  95. Mrs. Elizabeth Falconer
  96. Mr. William Fingland
  97. Master William Fingland
  98. Mrs. Isabella Fingland
  99. Miss Janet Fingland
  100. Mr. John G. Finlayson
  101. Mr. Wm. M. Finlayson
  102. Mrs. Catherine Finn
  103. Mrs. C. Fleming
  104. Miss H. Fleming
  105. Miss D. Fleming
  106. Mrs. Catherine Flynn
  107. Mrs. Ellen Foster
  108. Miss Irene Franks
  109. Mrs. Maggie Fraser
  110. Master John Fraser
  111. Mr. Dennis Gallagher
  112. Mrs. Anna Gallagher
  113. Mr. James B. Galloway
  114. Mr. Hugh Gardner
  115. Mrs. Agnes Gardner
  116. Miss Margaret J. Gibson
  117. Miss Mary Gibson
  118. Mrs. Margt. Gladfelter
  119. Miss Gladys M. H. Gladfelter
  120. Mr. Gordon Glennell
  121. Miss Mary M. Gray
  122. Mr. Leslie Greeley
  123. Miss Margaret Green
  124. Mr. Alex. Greer
  125. Mrs. Margt. Greer
  126. Miss Mary Grieve
  127. Mrs. Mary Grubb
  128. Miss Margaret Grubb
  129. Master James Grubb
  130. Miss Carolyn A. Gutjahr
  131. Miss Mina M. Hammond
  132. Miss Julia Harder
  133. Mr. Robt. H. Harris
  134. Mr. Robt. M. Harris
  135. Mr. Douglas J. Hay
  136. Mr. George A. Hay
  137. Mr. George N. Hay, Jr.
  138. Miss Isabella Hay
  139. Miss L. Hayes
  140. Mrs. Isabella Hayward
  141. Miss Mary E. Heacock
  142. Miss Margt. Henderson
  143. Miss Annie B. Hestle
  144. Mr. Lyster Hetherington
  145. Mrs. Marion Hetherington
  146. Mrs. Lizzie Hetherington
  147. Miss Clara s. Heyburn
  148. Miss Margt. Hilmer
  149. Miss Agnes R. Holmes
  150. Mrs. Margt. Homes
  151. Mrs. Susan Hopkin
  152. Miss Minnie G. Hopkin
  153. Mr. Alfred G. Hopkins
  154. Mrs. Marion Hotch
  155. Mrs. Mary Hughes
  156. Master James Hughes
  157. Miss Edith Hunter
  158. Mrs. Eliz. Huston
  159. Miss Mardeen Hutchinson
  160. Miss Katharine Irvine
  161. Mr. James A. Irving
  162. Miss Beatrice Ives
  163. Mrs. Margaret Jackson
  164. Miss Annie Johnston
  165. Miss Isabell w. Johnston
  166. Mr. Robt. Johnston
  167. Mrs. Sarah Johnston
  168. Mr. Theodore Keenan
  169. Mr. Abraham Kerr
  170. Mrs. Kerr
  171. Mr. James Kerr
  172. Miss Lillian Kilby
  173. Mrs. I. J. Kilby
  174. Miss Mary E. Killelea
  175. Miss Annie M. Kimball
  176. Miss Ethel Lamb
  177. Miss Martha Lamont
  178. Mrs. Etfie M. Lathrop
  179. Miss Mary J. Latimer
  180. Rev. j. Laughlin
  181. Mr. Francis J. Laverty
  182. Mrs. Maud Laverty
  183. Master Francis Laverty (1)
  184. Mr. John Laverty
  185. Mrs. Ellen Laverty
  186. Miss Mane Laverty
  187. Mr. Joseph Laverty
  188. Miss Anna Laverty
  189. Mr. William Law
  190. Mr. Alex. Law
  191. Mrs. Eliz. Law
  192. Mr. George Leach
  193. Mrs. Leach
  194. Mrs. Anna Lee
  195. Miss Kathryn E. Lenhait
  196. Miss Edythe M. Lewis
  197. Miss E. Linch
  198. Mrs. Mabel Lindberg
  199. Mr. G. s. Linthicum
  200. Miss M. Livingstone
  201. Miss A. Livingstone
  202. Mr. George Logue
  203. Miss Isabella A. Loraine
  204. Mrs. Mary W. Low
  205. Miss Margt. Low
  206. Master Archie Low
  207. Mr. Ralph Lutton
  208. Miss Anna R. Lynch
  209. Mrs. Bridget McAllister
  210. Mr. Robt. McAlpin
  211. Mrs. Agnes McAlpin
  212. Master Robert McAlpin
  213. Master Andrew McAlpin
  214. Mrs. Jemima McBride
  215. Mrs. Annie McCafferty
  216. Master Neil McCafferty
  217. Mr. Patrick McCann
  218. Mrs. Teresa McCann
  219. Miss Catherine McCann
  220. Miss Margaret McCann
  221. Mrs. Gudron H. McCarton
  222. Miss Selina c. McCully
  223. Miss Louise MacDermid
  224. Miss Catherine McDevitt
  225. Mrs. Catherine McEwan
  226. Master William McEwan
  227. Prof. Fredk. M. McGaw
  228. Mrs. Lillie A. McGaw
  229. Mrs. Jessie B. MacGregor
  230. Mrs. Catherine MacGregor
  231. Mr. Robert McGregor
  232. Miss Eliz. McGuinness
  233. Miss Bernice K. McGuire
  234. Miss Margaret McGuire
  235. Mrs. Margt. McKelvey and Infant
  236. Mrs. Ellen McKeown
  237. Mr. Henry McKeown
  238. Mr. Patrick McKeown
  239. Mrs. Mary McKinlay
  240. Miss Jane McLauchlan
  241. Miss Colina McLaughlin
  242. Rev. Father John J. MacLaverty
  243. Mrs. Magdalene McLellan
  244. Master Gordon McLellan
  245. Mr. Thomas McMahon
  246. Mrs. Annie McMahon
  247. Master Thomas McMahon
  248. Master John McMalion
  249. Mrs. Euphemia McMillan
  250. Miss Bessie McNiel
  251. Mrs. Helen MacPherson
  252. Mrs. Sarah MacPherson
  253. Master Melville MacPherson
  254. Miss Elizabeth MacPherson
  255. Mr. Robert McWalter
  256. Mrs. Helen McWalter
  257. Miss Mary A. Malone
  258. Miss Margt. Marshall
  259. Miss Mary Mathieson
  260. Mr. George Mearns
  261. Miss Eliza. Miller
  262. Mr. George C. Miller
  263. Mrs. Nora Miller
  264. Miss Gladys Miller
  265. Mrs. Jane Miller
  266. Mr. Julian Miller
  267. Miss Ruth G. Miller
  268. Mrs. Mary Mollison
  269. Miss Sarah Monham
  270. Miss Marjorie Monroe
  271. Mrs. Jeanie C. H. Montgomery
  272. Master Burns Montgomery
  273. Mrs. Annie Morton
  274. Mrs. Bella Morton
  275. Miss Florence Moses
  276. Miss Catherine Mulholland
  277. Mrs. Henrietta Munde
  278. Miss Isabella Munro
  279. Mrs. Elizabeth Murdock
  280. Miss Priscilla J. Murdock
  281. Mrs. Anne Murray
  282. Mr. David Murray
  283. Mrs. Jessie B. Murray
  284. Miss Ellen Murray
  285. Miss Evelyn Nance
  286. Mr. John Nelson
  287. Rev. O. C. Nelson
  288. Miss Edith A. Newman
  289. Mrs. Catherine Nibel
  290. Mr. Alex. Noble
  291. Mrs. Janet Noble
  292. Miss Agnes L. Nunziato
  293. Miss Kathryn Nunziato
  294. Mr. Wm. O'Dell
  295. Miss Bessie Orwald
  296. Mr. James B. Parke
  297. Miss Eliz. Parker
  298. Mrs. Robert Paterson
  299. Miss Annie Patterson
  300. Miss Edith R. Patterson
  301. Miss Virginia Pearce
  302. Mr. B. Pearlmutter
  303. Miss Alice Pearson
  304. Mrs. Catherine Peterson
  305. Mr. James p. Philips
  306. Professor Claude C. Pinney
  307. Mrs. K. S. Potter
  308. Mrs. Christina Prentice
  309. Mr. Robt. Prentice
  310. Mr. Robert Preston
  311. Mrs. Janet Preston
  312. Miss Helen O. Prindle
  313. Miss Annie Rankin
  314. Mrs. C. Ratzberg
  315. Mrs. Agnes Reid
  316. Mr. Alex. Reid
  317. Mr. Arthur J. Reid
  318. Mr. David Reid
  319. Mrs. Jeannie Reid
  320. Mr. Robert Reid
  321. Mr. Thos. Reilly
  322. Miss Agnes Reinemund
    Mr. William j. Reynolds
  323. Mrs. Nellie Reynolds
  324. Master William Reynolds (8)
  325. Miss Eleanor Reynolds (3)
  326. Miss Mildred Reynolds (5)
  327. Miss Margt. A. Rickabough
  328. Mrs. Agnes Ritchie
  329. Miss Edina H. Ritchie
  330. Mrs. Mary Roberts
  331. Miss Eliz. Roberts
  332. Miss E. Robinson
  333. Mr. Henry Robinson
  334. Mrs. Euphemia Roe
  335. Mrs. Flora Ross
  336. Miss Janet B. Ross
  337. Master Henry Ross
  338. Miss Agnes Russell
  339. Mrs. Marion Russell
  340. Mrs. Mary Rutherford
  341. Miss Pearl A. Ryan
  342. Mrs. Edna Sanger
  343. Mrs. Annie Scarpell
  344. Miss Elnora Schmutzler
  345. Miss Harriet Schuster
  346. Mrs. Margt. Schutt
  347. Mrs. Agnes Scott
  348. Miss Florence Scott
  349. Miss Mary Scott
  350. Miss Wilhelmina Scott
  351. Miss Lola M. Sharpless
  352. Mrs. Eliz. Shaw
  353. Mrs. Margt. Shearer
  354. Master Alex. Shearer
  355. Miss Catherine C. Shields
  356. Miss Ida K. Short
  357. Miss Mary Simpson
  358. Mrs. Eliz. Sinclair
  359. Mrs. Jessie Slingerland
  360. Mrs. Jean Sloane
  361. Miss Margaret Small
  362. Mrs. Mary M. Small
  363. Mrs. Christina Smith
  364. Mrs. Edna s. Smith
  365. Mrs. Emma Smitli
  366. Miss Isa Smith
  367. Miss Mollie Smith
  368. Mr. W. Smith
  369. Mrs. Isobel Smith
  370. Master Keneth Smith
  371. Master George Smith
  372. Miss Hazel M. Snyder
  373. Miss J. A. Sprayne
  374. Mrs. A. Stamford
  375. Mr. George Stewart
  376. Miss Agnes Stratton
  377. Miss Annie Stratton
  378. Miss Florence Stratton
  379. Miss Josephine Sullivan
  380. Mr. Glen Summers
  381. Miss Margt. Sutherland
  382. Miss Isabella M. Swanson
  383. Mrs. Alida Tait
  384. Miss Alida Tait
  385. Miss Eliza F. Taylor
  386. Miss M. Thom
  387. Mr. James R. Thomson
  388. Miss Elizabeth Todd
  389. Mr. John Todd
  390. Mrs. Isabella Todd
  391. Miss Agnes Tyre
  392. Mr. A. Ralph Vaccaro
  393. Mrs. A. Vaccaro
  394. Miss Annie Valentine
  395. Miss C. E. Vandersall
  396. Mr. Charles Veite
  397. Mrs. Veite
  398. Mr. Thomas Wakeman
  399. Mrs. Agnes Wakeman
  400. Miss Eveline Walker
  401. Miss F. Walker
  402. Mrs. Jean Walther
  403. Miss Jane Walther
  404. Miss Eliz. Ward
  405. Miss Reba Waterfield
  406. Miss Elvira E. Watkins
  407. Mrs. Jane p. Watson
  408. Miss May Weber
  409. Miss Agnes Weir
  410. Mrs. Marion West
  411. Master George West
  412. Miss Sarah Wilson
  413. Miss E. Young

Anchor Line Fleet, Services, and Table of Distances, 1930.

Anchor Line Fleet, Services, and Table of Distances, 1930. GGA Image ID # 1593e7a7c3

Information for Passengers

Additional Passage Money or Freight paid on board -passengers should obtain a receipt on the Company’s form for such disbursements.

Baggage.—Enquiries regarding baggage on board ship should be addressed to the Baggage-Master.

To facilitate examination and identifica'tion of bag-gage on landing, all packages should have an official label affixed ل these labels are supplied on board on application.

Trunks, etc., will be stored and re-shipped by the Company if desired (see Storage).

Baggage Insurance.—Passengers are recommended to insure their baggage as, in the event of loss or damage, the Company cannot accept liability beyond the limit specified on the steamer Contract Tickets. Rates and particulars on application.

Baggage Insurance.—Passengers are recommended to insure their baggage as, in the event of loss or damage, the Company cannot accept liability beyond the limit specified on the steamer Contract Tickets. Rates and particulars on application.

Bar.—The Bars will not be open later than midnight, but it is within the discretion of the Commander to close them during the voyage at any time should he consider this course desirable.

Barber’s Shop.—There is a well-appointed Barber’s Shop on board. Ladies will be attended to by ap-pointment.

Clothes Pressing.—Application should be made to the Barber, from whom rates and other particulars can be obtained.

Berthing of Passengers.—No changes can be made except on application to the Purser.

Cables and Telegrams for despatch by ordinary land wire should be handed 'in at the Wireless Telegraph Office. The time of acceptance for cables and tele-grams to be sent by ordinary land wire will be intimated on the notice boards.

Wireless, cable and telegraph forms may be obtained from the Wireless office.

Complaints of incivility, carelessness or inattention on the part of any of the ship’s staff should be im-mediately reported to the Purser or Chief steward, and failing satisfaction to the Captain.

The Daily Mail Atlantic Edition giving the latest news by wireless and the closing prices on the London and New York Stock Exchanges, is published on board. The paper will be delivered each morning to the passenger’s stateroom if an order is given to the Bed-room Steward.

Deck Chairs and Rugs may be hired on application to the Deck Steward. At the end of each voyage the rugs which have been in use are sent to the store and thoroughly cleaned before being re-issued.

Divine Service may be held (weather permitting) once every Sunday forenoon, and for those who so desire facilities are provided for the celebration of Mass.

Dogs and Cats cannot be landed in Great Britain unless a licence has been procured from the Board of Agriculture, London. Forms of Licence can only be obtained by direct application to the Department before the dog or eat is taken on board.

Dogs and Cats can only be carried by special arrange-ment being made with the Company prior to embarkation. Whilst on board they are not permitted in any of the public rooms or staterooms.

Drafts are issued, free of charge, payable in currency at any of the offices of the Cpmpany in the United StateS and Canada, and, similarly, drafts are issued in the United States and Canada payable at any of the Company’s offices in the United Kingdom in sterling or at the company’s offices in Europe in the currency of the country on which they are drawn.

Information.-If passengers are in doubt on any point appertaining to their ocean voyage, or railroad journey, they are advised to consult the Purser.

Kiosk.—Passengers can obtain, confectionery,, fruit, toys, souvenirs, novels, postage stamps, etc., in, the Kiosk.

Landing Cards.—Passengers must obtain ؟r؟m the Purser a U.S. landing card. The hours at which these cards are obtainable will be posted on notice board. it should be noted that before leaving the vessel the holder must present thiS landing card to a U.S. Immigrant Inspector for endorsement.

Library.—Library books may be obtained on application to the Librarian. The books are issued free of charge.

Lifebelts must not be removed from staterooms, except in eases of extreme danger and necessity.

Meals.—Breakfast, 8:00 am to 10:00 am; Luncheon, 1:00 pm; Dinner, 7:00 pm

When two sittings are necessary, meals will be served as follows ٠.—

Breakfast, 8:00 am to 10:00 am; Lunch, 1st sitting, 12:30 pm2nd sitting, 1.30 pm;
Dinner, 1st sitting, 6:15 pm 2nd sitting, 7.30 pm

Passengers may reserve seats at table for the voyage on application to the Chief stew۶rd. Meals cannot be served in cabins or on deck unless with the Surgeon’s permission.

Children’s Meals- Breakfast, 9:00 am; Dinner, noon; Tea, 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Ports.—Passengers are requested not to open the ports. The Stewards Will do this whenever practicable.

Postage Stamps are on sale at Purser’s Bureau and Kiosks. A notice will be displayed stating the latest time for posting mail matter on board.

British stamps must be used fo؟ correspondence posted on the High Seas. Rates :-Letters to United Kingdom and United States of America, 1 1/2 d. for the first ounce and 1d. for each additional ounce. Post-cards, 1 1/2 d. each.

Railway and Steamer Time Tables may be consulted on application to the Librarian.

Recovery of U.S. Head Tax.-To enable the refund of United States Head Tax to be secured, passengers who intend staying in the United States for less than sixty days must state so on Declaration Form at time of booking.

They must also inform the Immigration Officer at the Port of Landing that they are returning within 60 days, and obtain from him Certificate Form 514.

It is also necessary for Transit Certificate Form 514 to be handed to the Company when completed, in time to allow same to be lodged with the American Authorities within 120 days of passenger’s arrival in the United States.

Unless this regulation is complied with the Tax cannot be recovered.

Passengers who declare at the Port of Landing their intention of remaining in the United States for a period longer than 60 days will not be refunded Head Tax by the United States Government, even although they eventually leave the country within the 60 days limit.

Redirection of Mail.-Passengers who expect letters or parcels to be delivered to the ship after they have dis-embarked should leave their full names and addresses at the Bureau in order that their mail may be forwarded to them.

Return Bookings.-The Purser and his staff will at all times be pleased to assist passengers to arrange their return passages, or to supply them with the name and address of the agent in the town to which they are proceeding.

Smoking.-Cigarette smokers are requested to be careful when smoking on deck to see that cigarettes are extinguished before being thrown away. Children are not allowed in the Smoking Room.

Storage.-The Company will undertake to store deck chairs and steamer trunks belonging to passengers at owner's risk until they are required when returning.

Chairs and trunks should have owner’s name painted on them, and they will not be re-shipped without in-structions being sent to Baggage Master, Anchor Line, Yorkhill Quay, Glasgow.

A description of the articles should be given, also name of steamer from which they were landed and date. No shawls, rugs, &c., to be attached to chairs. No charge for storage is made if the owners return by the Company’s vessels.

If chairs or trunks are forwarded by rail this is done at owner’s risk and expense.

Table-Seating —The Chief steward has the arrange-ment of table-seating.

The Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges for his service, subject to the approval of the Com-mander, to First Class, Cabin, Second Class and Tourist Third Cabin passengers.

Nurses—.Trained and qualified hospital nurses are carried. Their services, under the direction of the Surgeon, are at the passengers’ disposal.

Through Bookings to Gibraltar, Marseilles, Egypt, and india.-The Anchor Line steamers engaged in this service have excellent saloon accommodation. Full particulars as to fares, etc., on application.

CUSTOMS.-The following is a list of the principal articles which are subject to duty on being brought into the United Kingdom, and the smallest quantities should be declared to the Customs Authorities:

Tobacco, Cigars, Cigarettes, Wines, Liqueurs, Spirits, Perfumery, Sugar and Goods containing Sugar, Silk and Artificial Silk, Lace and Embroidery, Musical Instruments, Gramophones and Gramophone Records, Clocks, Watches, Cameras, Field and opera Glasses, Films, Wireless Sets and accessories, etc. Reprints of Copyright Books and Music are subject to confiscation.

Valuables.—Money OP valuables should not be exposed in staterooms. The Company will not be responsible for articles lost or stolen, valuables may be deposited in ship’s safe, under care of the Purser, free of charge.

Passengers are warned that they should not on any account part with money or valuables to any persons representing themselves as members of the ship’s staff.

Wardrobe Trunks.—The attention of passengers is called to the fact that the steamer has a Baggage Room where trunks may be stored during the voyag.e. It is not always possible to have large wardrobe trunks placed in an accessible position in passenger staterooms.

Anchor Line Time on Shipboard, 1930. Time on Board Is Marked by the Ship's Bell Being Sounded at the Hour and Half Hour Throughout the Entire Day.

Anchor Line Time on Shipboard, 1930. Time on Board Is Marked by the Ship's Bell Being Sounded at the Hour and Half Hour Throughout the Entire Day. GGA Image ID # 15941603a0

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