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Military Funeral of Telephone Operator Cora Bartlett - 1919

Miss Cora Bartlett succumbs to typhoid Fever, 23 June 1919-- Made Wide Circle of Friends in City.

Miss Cora Bartlett, formerly a senior supervisor of the toll exchange in the Battle Creeek Office of the Michigan State Telephone Company, died in France, according to word received here today. Miss Bartlett enlisted with a telephone operators' unit from Detroit about a year ago. She went to Tours, where she has been on duty. Death came on 23 June 1919 of typhoid fever.

Miss Bartlett was an operator in Battle Creek for about five years and had a wide circle of friends. Her home was in Hillsdale. She has relatives in Union City, Hillsdale, and other points in the southern part of the state. While in Battle Creek, she lived at the home of Mrs. Hooper on Caryle Steet.

Cora H. Bartlet, Women's Telephone Unit, US Army Signal Corps, died at Tours, France of Typhoid, 23 June 1919.

Funeral Procession and Burial, Tours France

Two views of the military funeral of Miss Cora Bartlett, at Tours, France. Miss Bartlett, before enlisting for overseas service, was a Detroit chief opera tor for the Michigan State Telephone Company.

Military Funeral Procession for Signal Corps Telephone Operator Miss Cora Bartlett at Tours, France.

Military Funeral Procession for Signal Corps Telephone Operator Miss Cora Helen Bartlett, Who Was 33 Years of Age, at Tours, France. Her First Name, Cora, Was Interchangably Spelled with or without a Trailing "h, " Probably due to Her Middle Initial "H" Being Merged with Her First Name. Bell Telephone News, December 1919. GGA Image ID # 19b1cae986

Burial of Miss Bartlett in Tours, France.

Burial of Miss Bartlett (February 1886-June 1919) in Tours, France. Before Enlisting for Overseas Service, She Was a Detroit Chief Operator for the Michigan State Telephone Company. Miss Bartlett of Hillsdale, Michigan, Died of Typhoid Fever in Tours, France, in June 1919. Bell Telephone News, December 1919. GGA Image ID # 19b1fef16e


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"The Camera's Eye," in Bell Telephone News, Detroit Edition, Vol. 9, No. 5, December 1919, p. 18.

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