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Naval Aviation News - August 1993 - Assignments of Women

August 1993 Naval Aviation News Magazine

COVERS — Front: This Bob Lawson photo captures a Vand PublicationD flown by Capt. Steve Ganyard and WSO Capt. Todd Kemper as they begin a pop-up, roll-in maneuver in their missile-laden Hornet over Owens Valley, Calif.

August 1993 Naval Aviation News Magazine - Back Cover

Back: ANA Photo Contest winner by David Skepner (see page 40).
Cdr. Stephen R Saved°

Flagship Publication of Naval Aviation
Oldest U.S. Navy Periodical, Volume 75, No. 5, July-August 1993
Year in
Review 10
RAdm. Riley D. Nissan
Director, Air Warfare
Published by the Naval Historical Center
under the auspices of the Chief of Naval Operations
Ur Dean C Allard
Naval History
Enlisted Aviation Series —
Aviation Ordnanceman 22
Navy Expands Assignments of Women 24
Rafale Undergoes Testing at Lakehurst 26
A Unique Role in Desert Storm 28
Surviac — A Joint Service
Survivability Resource 29
Naval Aviation in WW II: Fighter
Tactics in WW II 30
Aviation History and Publication
Director Retires 36
NANews Editor Ends Four-Year Reign 36
Flight Line 1
Grampaw Pettibone 2
Airscoop 4
People—Planes—Places 37
Professional Reading 40
ANA Bimonthly Photo Competition 40
Flight Bag inside back cover

Director, Naval Aviation y ^11111Publication Division
LCdr, Richard R BRausas Editor
Sandy Russell Managing Editor
Charles C Cooney Art Aviationr
Joanconsiderser Associate Editor
JOCS(AW) Theresa L Dunn Associate Editor
J01(SW) Eric S. Seell Assistant Editor
Harold Andrews 11,111111( III Advisor
Cdr Peter Morsky, USNR
Itoviow Editor
Copt. R Rause, USNR (Ret.)
Contributing Editor
Publication Policy:
Naval Avtabon News consufors for publication unsolicited manuscripts, photo essays, artwork, and general news about aircraft, organizations, history, and/or human endeavors which are the core of Naval Aviation. All military contributors should forward articles about their commands only after internal security review and with the permission of the commanding ofSubscrlptioncripts will be returned upon request. Articles accepted for publication may be submitted on a diskette in Word Perfect 5.1.
For further guidelines on submissions, contact Managing Editor, Naval Avlatlon News, at DSN 288-4407/8/9 or (202) 4334407/8/9: FAX (202) 433-2343.
Subscription Information:
Naval Aviation News (USPS 323.310; ISSN 0028-1417) is published bimonthly for the Chief of Naval Operations by the Naval Historical Center. Editorial offices are located in Building 157-1, Washington Navy Yard, Washington, D C., 20374-5059. Second-class postage is paid at Washington, D.C., and additional mailing offices. Naval Aviation News is for sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402, phone (202) 783-3238. Annual subscription: $7.50.
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Naval Aviation News, GPO Order Desk, Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D.C. 20402. The Secretary of the Navy has determined that this publication is necessary in the transaction of business required by law. Funds for printing have been approved by the Navy Publications and Printing Policy Committee.

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