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Naval Aviation News - July 1977 - Lt. Judy Neuffer

July 1977 Naval Aviation News Magazine

Vice Admiral Frederick C. Turner
Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Air Warfare)
Vice Admiral F. S. Petersen
Commander, Naval Air Systems Command
Captain Ted Wilbur Head, Aviation Periodicals
and History
Cdr. Rosario Rausa Editor
Dorothy L. Bennefeld Managing Editor
Charles C. Cooney Art Director
JOC Bill Bearden Associate Editors Helen F. Collins
Sandy Nye Assistant Editor
LCdr. Bob Cole Contributing Editor Harold Andrews Technical Advisor
COVERS — JOC Bill Bearden of NA News' staff photographed Lt. Judy Neuffer, flight helmet in hand, along a windy NAS Patuxent River runway, front. Judy is featured with other ladies in this month's coverage of Women in Naval Aviation, beginning on page 8. Back, VP-44 P-3 Orions, refreshed by a passing rain-shower, .dry out in the sun at NAS Bermuda. PH3 Glenn F. Gillette took the picture. Harry Gann of McDonnell Douglas filmed these VF-21 F-4J Phantoms over NAS Miramar.

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