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Captain William G. Randle of the SS Westernland, Red Star Line

Captain William G. Randle

From a photograph by Gutekunst, Philadelphia.

Captain William G. Randle, of the Red Star branch of the American Line, commands the Westernland. The home port of his vessel, unlike that of his three brethren, Sargent, Urquhart, and Freeth, is New York. No, on second thought, this is not exactly the fact.

The home port of the Red Star ships is Antwerp, since the line is distinctly more Belgian than American in its personnel. One hardly knows just how to describe it, but it may not be improper to speak of the Red Star as one of the branches of the American Line. In all its features and peculiarities it partakes of two nationalities more than any line which traverses the Atlantic.

Some of its officers are Belgians,while others are citizens of the United States. The Commodore of the fleet, Captain W. G. Randle, is a Pennsylvanian by birth. He was born and still has his home in that thriving little ship-building town on the Delaware River, Chester. I have met lots of old ocean travelers who declare that Randle is "the pleasantest captain who crosses the sea."

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