SS Bohemian Passenger List - 6 August 1904

Leyland Line Passenger List, SS Bohemian, 1904, Liverpool to Boston

Saloon Passenger List for the SS Bohemian of the Leyland Line Departing 6 August 1904 from Liverpool to Boston, Commanded by Captain Neil McCallum.

Notable Passengers included: Harold N. Fowler and Charles Warren Stone.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Neil McCallum
  2. Surgeon: Dr. George A. Schmidt
  3. Chief Steward: Alex. Maxwell

First Class Passengers

  1. Rev. C. F. Aiken
  2. Mr. Allan Blair
  3. Mr. W. H. Brow
  4. Miss Alice Baggett
  5. Mr. Thomas Bellew
  6. Miss M. R. Chapman
  7. Miss A. B. Chapman
  8. Mrs. A. S. Cummings
  9. Mr. C. W. Dillaway
  10. Mr. Arthur W . Dunning
  11. Mrs. Dunning
  12. Mrs. Ralph Emery
  13. Mr. Harold N. Fowler - Ph D., Instructor in Latin and Author, editor and translator of ancient language texts (Greek, Latin)
  14. Mrs. Fowler
  15. Miss Alice C. Flint
  16. Mr. Christopher Gore
  17. Miss Al. Haskell
  18. Mrs. F. B. Lunsford
  19. Mr. P. W. Lewis
  20. Mr. E. N. Laphan
  21. Mr. Harold Laphan
  22. Miss Helen H. Mossman
  23. Miss Ella McClanahan
  24. Mrs. Robert J. Munn
  25. Mr. C. Mortimore
  26. Mr. Arthur H. Pray
  27. Miss Fanny H. Shaw
  28. Miss Emma K. Shaw
  29. Miss F. Soule
  30. Mr. Charles W. Stone Charles Warren Stone (June 29, 1843–August 15, 1912) was a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives
  31. Mrs. Stone
  32. Miss Elsa Stone
  33. Mr. H. J. Sewall
  34. Mrs. Sewall, Infant and Maid
  35. Miss Lula Terry
  36. Mr. C. Thompson
  37. Mrs, Thompson
  38. Miss Frances E. Wadleigh - Writer
  39. Mr. E. F. Wilder
  40. Mrs. Wilder
  41. Mr. W. J . Wythe
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