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Winter 1989 Naval History Magazine

Winter 1989 Naval History Magazine

Pueblo skipper answers critics; Sinking of the UC-97; classic naval aircraft color photos, "Kilroy was here", Revisiting the Chicago.

12 The Sinking of the UC-97

By Captain James E. Wise, Jr., USN (Ret).
The 1921 demise, in Lake Michigan, of a captured World War I German U-boat.

18 An Amphibious Role for the Coast Guard
By Captain Walter C. Capron, USCG (Ret.)

The Coast Guard and the Army teamed up for amphibious exercises just prior to World War II.

20 Too Little, Too Late: The Fight for the Carolines, 1898 By Ensign Tristram E. Farmer, USN

Inexperience and ambivalence cost the United States some strategic real estate.
26 Going Home

By Commander George J. Lappan, USNR (Ret.)

A former shipmate renews a romance with his old girl, the guided missile cruiser Chicago.


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U. S. Naval Institute Winter 1989

31 "Shipshape and Bristol Fashion"

By Commander John H. Bothwell, USN (Ret.)
You've heard the expression before. Know what it means?

33 The Development of Night Fighters in World War II By Colonel William C. Odell, USAF (Ret.)
Brave pilots learned to put faith in their instruments, and a new era of naval aviation was launched.

44 The Pueblo Incident: Commander Bucher Responds By Commander Lloyd M. Bucher, USN (Ret.)
The skipper of the ill-fated intelligence ship answers critics of his actions.
In Contact 2
Special 36
"Kilroy Was Here"
Pictorial 37
Shooting the Classics
Technical Report 52
Copper, Salt, and the Worm The Old Navy 56
The Baler Incident
Oral History 58

An Unlikely Place for a Marine
Book Reviews 62
In Progress 66
Index 71
Museum Report 76
Penn's Landing: Olympia and Becuna
Notebook 79
Fusion Video Onsert
Cover: During the first part of World War II, the Grumman F4F Wildcat was the Navy's standard carrier fighter, in use until the F6F and the F4U came into the fleet in numbers. A few F4Fs still survive in flying condition. Mark Meyer photographed the one on the cover as part of his work in producing the beautiful book Classics (Howell Press, 1987). For more of Meyer's images of Navy and Marine Corps aircraft, see the pictorial beginning on page 37.

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52 31
When we published a collection of oral history excerpts concerning the Pueblo incident in the fall issue, we had the feeling we would get the attention of a number of readers. We did. One of those readers was Commander Lloyd M. Bucher, who was commanding officer of the Pueblo when she was captured by North Koreans in January 1968. In his response, which begins on page 44, he contends that he was given far too little support before his mission and that those who have been criticizing him afterward should themselves be called to account for their actions.
One of the appeals of a magazine of this sort is to revisit the past. We do so in order to gain a better understanding of how we got to the present and because the past is interesting for its own sake. Commander George Lappan, a junior officer on board the guided missile cruiser Chicago during the Vietnam War, recently revisited his old ship in mothballs and wrote of the experience for this issue. Though now decommissioned, the cruiser is still in active service in his memory and those of thousands of other former crew members.
Our In Contact section continues to feature lively debate, operating along the same lines as the Comment and Discussion portion of the Proceedings. Indeed, some subjects take on a life of their own through these letters to the editor. In the winter 1988 issue we published a pictorial on the Coast Guard's 327-foot cutters. One of the photos in the pictorial showed the Alexander Hamilton after she had been torpedoed near Iceland in January 1942. That elicited a letter from a naval officer who was serving in the small seaplane tender Belknap at the time. His letter questioned his commanding officer's decision not to make a greater effort to save the cutter. That letter, in turn, stimulated the spate of replies in this issue, some from crew members of the doomed cutter. Thus, the one photo in the pictorial has led to a detailed exchange of viewpoints concerning the incident.
Two of the features in this issue deal with terms we have heard over and over, "Kilroy Was Here" and "Shipshape and Bristol Fashion." Though the terms themselves are familiar, their origins are not; our authors provide interesting background explanations. We all know where "Over There" was. Don Paradis reminisces about how the Marine Corps turned a young man from Detroit into a gunnery sergeant in France during World War I.
As we begin our second full year of publishing Naval History, we are planning in terms of cautious growth. We have programmed a modest increase in the number of pages and amount of color used. Future plans will depend on how many loyal subscribers we have, and whether the next few years see the same kind of satisfying growth as our first full year.
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Jim Barber

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