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Camp Dix - World War 1 Cantonment - A.E.F. Training Center - NJ

Camp Dix, New Jersey - World War I Cantonment

Camp Dix, New Jersey was named in honor of Maj. General John Adams Dix, U.S. V., who served as Secretary of the Treasury under President Buchanan. Established July 18, 1917, to serve as training camp for 78th Division (National Army), which occupied the cantonment, August 1917 to May 1918. Construction started June 12, 1917 and continued through 1918. After May 1918, used as embarkation camp. Designated as demobilization center, December 3, 1918 and as debarkation camp 1919. Retained as permanent reservation.

Index to Holdings of Camp Dix Historical Documents Available at the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives

  • ud ca 1917 : Character Building by Uncle Sam: The Re-Making of Four Million Men: Fun, Exercise and Education of the National Army in War Times as seen in Camp Dix. Large Format Booklet 16 Pages of Photographs and information.
  • 1917-11 Camp Dix Pictorial Review: A Picture History of a National Army Cantonment. Large Format Magazine filled with photographs and articles about life at Camp Dix in Wrightstown, New Jersey. 24 Pages. x2
  • 1918-02-20 Camp Dix Pictorial Review
  • 1918-03-20 Camp Dix Pictorial Review
  • 1818-04-20 Camp Dix Pictorial Review
  • 1918-05-20 Camp Dix Pictorial Review
  • 1918-06-20 Camp Dix Pictorial Review
  • 1918-06-20 Camp Dix Pictorial Review
  • 1918-07-20 Camp Dix Pictorial Review
  • 1918-08-20 Camp Dix Pictorial Review
  • 1918-09-20 Camp Dix Pictorial Review
  • 1918-10-20 Camp Dix Pictorial Review


  • 1917 Camp Dix Newspapers, Start: August 16, 1917, End: November 24, 1917, Reel #1, Microfilm Format.
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