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WPA Archives - Membership Card and Union Pin of the Works Progress Administration


WPA Membership Card from the 1930s

WPA Membership Card from the 1930s certifying that a WPA Worker was a member of the WPA Workers Association.

WPA Union Pin

This was a WPA Workers Association Union Pin worn by member WPA Workers during the 1930s.

Very unusual 1930s Works Progress Administration pinback button and membership card. Button measures 7/8" and reads: "St. Louis Button Co." on the curl and back paper. Card measures 3 3/4" long by 2 1/8" wide and reads: "No., Date, 193_, Membership Card. This is to certify that _______, I.D., Address____________ Is a Member of The WPA Workers Association, Signed________ Secretary." Card has union bug in the bottom left corner.

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