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The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives, established online in January 2000, has a number of original documents, books and other items that are connected to the Works Project Administration. Educators and researchers have found our collection to be an excellent resource for the classroom. Students can experience the New Deal through original documents of the era, and gain a better understanding of the Great Depression. They will also find this site to be an excellent resource for their reports and thesis.

Index to Works Progress Administration Historical Documents

Other WPA Documents in the Archives, Not yet uploaded:

  • 1935-11-11 WPA Assignment Slip - Works Program for Project 566 - A Laborer at a rate of $35.00 per month.
  • 1936-03 WPA Booklet: Works Progress Administration, Harry L. Hopkins, Administration, Employment on Project in March 1936: WPA including NYA. 134 pages. 138 Tables and Executive Summary.
  • 1936-01-22 Arkansas WPA Booklet: The Weekly Digest, Works Progress Administration, Volume 1, Number 17, Arkansas. 12 Pages includes Foreword from Floyd Sharp, State Administrator, Weekly Progress Report, Women's Division report from Mrs. Dot Kennan, Director; Report from State Procurement Office, L.L Thornhill; Report from State Safety Division from R. K. McDonald, Consultant; Obituary for Mr. Dyess; District NO. 1 Activities.
  • 1936: WPA Flyer: Roosevelt Appreciators' League: Membership Enrollment and Democratic Committee's Registration Drive with Roosevelt Round-Up Rally. Discusses 21 Issues including the WPA, and N.Y.A.
  • 1936-07-19 WPA Reassignment Slip, WPA Form 402, Reassigned from Project 566 to Project 459 - Kenwood Park Project - Laborer.
  • 1937-02-17 WPA Notice to Report For Work on Project, WPA Form 402, Unskilled Laborer to work on Walnut Township Road.
  • 1937-08-19 WPA Notice to Report For Work on Project, WPA Form 402, Skilled Carpenter to work on Saline County Community Sanitation.
  • 1937-11-23 WPA Notice to Report For Work on Project, WPA Form 402, Project Number 5846 Laborer at County Barn.
  • 1938 Booklet: P.W.A. and Industry - A Four Year Study of Regenerative Employment, 28 Pages. Bulletin No. 658, United States Department of Labor: Photographs include: Men and Rock at Grand Coulee; Calculation: In Search of Labor Figures; Steel Mill: P.W.A. Orders Mean Employment Here; Socially Useful Project, Serving a Divine Purpose - Draw Bridge Construction Project; Machinery at Rest at a WPA work Site. (PWA is the Public Works Administration)
  • 1940 WPA Research Bulletin: The Plantation South Today: Social Problems Series Number 5, Federal Works Agency, Work Projects Administration. This pamphlet is designed to present factual information in non technical terms on social problems of general interest. A summarization of WPA Division of Research Monograph No. XXII, The Plantation South, 1934-1937. 28 Pages.
  • 1940 WPA Book: Average General Relief Benefits, 1933-1938, Works Progress Administration, Division of Research and Division of Statistics. Includes Introduction, Summary, Procedure for Administering Relief, Variations in Average Monthly Relief Benefits, 1933-1938; Social and Economic Factors Influencing the Average General Relief Benefit; Administrative and Technical Factors Influencing the Average General Relief Benefit; Supplementary Tales.
  • 1940-02 WPA Publication: Public Roads: A Journal of Highway Research, Federal Works Agency, Public Roads Administration, Vol. 20, No. 12. Progress in Study of Motor Vehicle Passing Practices and Stresses Under a Loaded Circular Area.
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