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Port of Call for Steamships & Ocean Liners

Port of Antwerp, Belgium

Index to Ports of Calls in the United States, Canada and Europe utilized by steamships during the peak immigration era of 1880-1954.

Top Ten Ports in 1911*

  1. New York
  2. Antwerp
  3. Hamburg
  4. Rotterdam
  5. Liverpool
  6. London
  7. Hongkong
  8. Shanghai
  9. Marseilles
  10. Singapore

* Based on Tonnage Total Entered Plus Cleared

New York is in the lead as a world harbor. Besides having the greatest tonnage in foreign trade. New York has a larger coastwise trade than any of the other great seaboard cities of the world

United States

  • Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    Boston offers to steamship lines serving the United States exceptional inducements to bring their through immigrant passengers via Boston. Photographs, Maps, Articles and Information on the History of the Port of Boston and Immigration and usage by Steamships.
  • New York
    Index to articles and information about the Port of New York available at the GG Archives.


  • Antwerp, Belgian
    Antwerp harbor is unique, lying about fifty miles from the North Sea, on the right bank of the river Scheldt, at the crossing of the most important maritime route and the densest and most extensive net of rivers, canals and railroads.
  • Cherbourg, France
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Fishguard, Wales, UK
    Fishguard is situated on the south-west coast of Wales, and is the nearest British port to New York used by Atlantic liners. It affords the quickest means of reaching London, and is also a convenient port for the Continent. In addition, many parts of England and Wales are within easy access of Fishguard.
  • Glasgow, Scotland, UK
  • Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Hamburg, Germany
    The Port of Hamburg is one of the busiest in the world. Articles include: American Line Terminal In Hamburg for Post World War I Passengers and Freight; Pre-War Prosperity Returning; Hamburg Harbor Developments in 1922; and and Port of Hamburg: Port Regaining Pre-War Trade.
  • Liverpool
    Liverpool England was an important port for Steamships in both numbers of passengers, including immigrants to American who went through this port on their way to the new World.
  • London
    The Port of London, most commonly used by the Atlantic Transport Line (direct from New York) offers an array of docks and services for passengers and freight.
  • Plymouth
  • Queenstown (Cobh)
  • Rotterdam
    Articles and information about the Port of Rotterdam available at the GG Archives including The Port of Rotterdam; Approach to Rotterdam, Nederland and a Unique Nautical Museum and Library.
  • Southampton
    The Southampton docks, 78 miles from London, owned and managed by the London and South Western Railway Company, are situated within a perfectly sheltered harbor, one of the best lighted in the United Kingdom, making the docks as accessible by night as by day, and having the unusual natural advantages of double tides, with practically four hours of high water every tide, thus affording unrivaled accommodation for the largest steamers afloat or now being built.
  • Trondheim, Norway


Other Ports

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