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World War One Unit Histories

Unit Histories of World War I was often the collaboration of a large number of officers and men who prepared and compiled in narrative form and account of the activities and operations that the unit undertook from formation to the end of the war. Most of the Regimental Histories contain rosters of all men for each company that comprised that infantry regiment.

Front Cover, The 346th Infantry Historical Notes, 1917-1919 - World War I Unit History.

346th Infantry Unity History

1919 Unit History: 346th Infantry Historical Notes 1917-1919 American Expeditionary Forces of the 173rd Brigade, 87th Division. Training at Camp Pike, Arkansas. Includes rosters for all men.

The 351st Infantry Historical Notes 1917 - 1919

351st Infantry Unit History

We have met to honor the memory of the officers and enlisted men of one of the regiments of the national army who gave their all at the call of their country. This regiment, the 351st Infantry, was organized in September, 1917, from men selected mainly from the western counties of the great state of Iowa, but later, as changes occurred by detachments being sent to other divisions, the vacancies were filled with men from Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and North Dakota.

The 88th Division in the World War of 1914 - 1918

88th Division Unit History

The main units of that comprise the 88th Division: 337th Machine Gun Battalion, 175th Infantry, 349th Infantry, 350th Infantry, 338th Machine Gun Battalion, and various units of the 313th. Comprised mostly of men from the Upper Midwest, Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota.


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