World War I Collection

World War I Books

The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives has substantial materials on WWI - including information and photographs of Camp Pike, Camp Grant, Camp Dix, Camp Dodge, and others. Unique coverage of the WW1 Draft, including Draft Registrations, Unit Histories, French Money, and Correspondence from King George V.

World War I Books

World War I Library of Books

Catalog of our World War I Book Collection for topic specific volumes of our war with Germany.

World War I Brochures

World War I Brochures, Booklets, Pamphlets, Bulletins

We have transcribed brochures covering the First World War. Students will find them particularily helpful with period homework assignments and general research.

World War I Correspondence

King George V World War I Letters and Correpondence

King George V. and the Great War (1910-1918) Chief Dates; King George V and the Great War; Letter To Soldiers of the United States From King George V; And, Letter From King George V To British POW's on Their Release.

French Currency during WWI

World War I French Currency

French paper currency used during World War One. Images of the 0.50 Cinquante Centimes and 1 Framc bank notes are shown (Front and back sides).

World War One Soldiers Bonus (WWACA)

World War I Soldiers Bonus (WWACA)

Learn about the famous soldiers bonus extended to veterans of the First World War by the Federal Government in addition to many of the States. Our collection includes records from the State of Minnesota Soldiers' Bonus.

World War One Soldiers Diary

World War I Soldiers Diary

A.E.F. Army Soldier Ludvig Gjenvick was a Norwegian immigrant who arrived in America in 1913. He lived and worked on a farm in Minnesota until being drafted by the Army in 1917. These are excerpts from the readable portions of that diary kept by Corporal Gjenvick of the Allied Expeditionary Force in World War I.

The Draft of World War I

World War I : The Draft

From Drawing the First Number to our collection of draft related documents indlucing State Military Census and Inventory Cards, Notice of Certification, Notice of Enrollment Under Military Law, Notice of Physical Examination, Registration Cards, Registration Certificates.

Princess Matoika, WWI Troup Transport Ship

Troop Transport - USS Princess Matoika

Photographs taken of troops and sailors onboard the US Navy Troop Transport Ship Princess Matoika.

Front Cover, The 346th Infantry Historical Notes, 1917-1919 - World War I Unit History.

87th Division - 346th Infantry - Historical Notes 1917 - 1919

The Unit History and Historical Notes Book includes the history, accounts, and rosters of the many companies that comprised the 346th Infantry Regiment of the 87th Division in World War I.


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