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An Address to the Soldiers of the National Army An Address to the Soldiers of the National Army
George W. Wickersham, An Address to the Soldiers of the National Army, At the Dedication of the Morristown Y.M.C.A. Building, Camp Dix, Wrightstown, New Jersey, Sunday, September 30, 1917.
World War I Army / Navy Recruitment Brochure Army Navy Recruitment Guide

WWI Army / Navy Recruitment Brochure.  Circa 1917, Published by the Prudential Insurance Agency.  32 Pages. Contents include: Forward-Purpose of Brochure; Infantry; Cavalry; Engineers; Signal Corps; Aviation; Weapons; Artillery; Marine and Sailor; Dreadnaughts; Torpedo Boat Destroyers; Submarines; Scout Cruisers; Medical Department; and, What Every Soldier Ought To Know

Information for Discharged Soldiers Information for Discharged Soldiers
This mapnhlet has been written soley for your benefit. It contains information of vital importance to you, and should be carefully preserved for future reference. It is presented to you with the complements of the War Camp Community Service of Rockford, Illinois.
Our Navy in the Great War Our Navy in the Great War
THE more the American people know about their Navy and its achievements, the greater will be their pride and confidence in it. Our experiences in the war have convinced me that the Navy can accomplish any task it may undertake, and that it is ready and willing to undertake almost anything that needs to be done.
The Palmpsest - Girl Reporter at Camp Dodge The Palmpsest - Girl Reporter at Camp Dodge
Throughout the Middle West there surely are many old scrapbooks, filled with brittle, yellowed clippings and unidentifiable souvenirs. These are mementos of a period when thousands of raw recruits became trained soldiers at Camp Dodge, the World War I Cantonment near Des Moines.
To The Homeward Bound Americans To The Homeward Bound Americans
You are about to embark for the United States as the homeward-bound soldiers of the first American Expeditionary Forces which ever crossed the seas to fight on foreign soil. At the moment of your leave taking, it is the purpose of this little book to state in a few words what your presence has meant to the French people, to express to you their gratitude, and to recount briefly the part you played in winning the war.
Where Do We Go From Here ? This Is The Real Dope Where Do We Go From Here ? This Is The Real Dope
This booklet is meant to be your "Handy Andy." It was prepared especially for you, by direction of Col. Arthur Woods, Assistant to the Secretary of War. Its single purpose is to bring to you in the simplest, quickest, and most accurate form the things which every man who has served in The Great War must know to put him in touch again with God's Country.


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